Few more days


gonna be heading out sunday and this will be my families first experience with real character dining. i’ve set up everything the best i could so my 2 yr old daughter will have the time of her life. if anyone has any great ideas to do with 2 yr olds in the parks, let me know. of course i know most of the usual things, but a lot of time i see people on here give really great info on not so well known attractions. also, should i expect anything out of the ordinary when going to the early morning character breakfasts such as CRT?


Have a great time. I’m sure you planned everything perfectly. Enjoy the magic.


I am so excited for you. Do you have room for one more? Pretty, pretty please?

We just returned from our big trip with our 3 1/2 year old and 16 month old. They absolutely LOVED the character dining. I wasn’t sure how either of them would react to the characters and they liked the interaction. It took my 16 month old a bit of time to warm up, but the characters that we met would take my cue right away and wait until she approached them.

A good idea might be to find a character greeting spot or a character line to introduce the kids to what it will be like. CRT is pretty awesome and nothing to worry about because they aren’t as covered up as some of the others.

Where are you dining besides CRT?


funny about asking if we have room for one more. i offered a lot of people to go with us on this trip and no one would take the invite. what’s wrong with people?? we are going to be doing whispering canyons, chef mickey, mickey’s playhouse, hooptie doo, le cellier, and boma. i’m hoping we can try out that new japanese joint while we are there because we all like sushi. we’ll be staying at the AKL savanna room… my little girl is going to trip out over seeing the animals from the room… i was taking her to school this morning and i told her “one more day of school after today and you will get to go see cinderella”, and she freaked out… she yelled(in her words)" NO WANNA GO SCHOOL ANYMORE, WANNA GO BE WITH CINDERELLA!!"


Well, we have to pity the people who “don’t get it” - poor things.

Have a fantastic trip!:happy:


That is so cute! And, I agree!!! I don’t wanna go to work anymore!!!:laugh: :laugh:


I bet you have it planned perfectly. Go and enjoy!


You guys are going to have a BLAST! We did Chef Mickey’s and Play and Dine and both went over well. Actually, the character meals were our favorite part because the girls LOVED being that interactive with them.

Have fun and we will all look forward to your fabulous trip report (hint, hint)


wishing you a lovely trip and happy holidays as well!