the original figment ride was the best…then i heard they kept changing it. so we went in 2006 it was dark, gloomy, and i was so dissappointed. but like i said i bought these dvds and figment looks different. does anyone know if they changed figment recently.


I haven’t noticed any changes in the last few years.


They just did a refurb . . . but no changes, just mechanical . . . the ride used to ALWAYS break down RIGHT when they shot the skunk smell . . . :blow:


i wish they put it back to the first way…it was so great. the first time i took my daughter there i took her to figment first and said this is the best ride…well she was only 6 and she was scared and was nervous to go on the next ride…i wonder why they have to mess up when they have something good.


I was on it in November and it didn’t seem that bad or different to me… I like figment… I think he’s cute. :slight_smile:


well when we went it was dark, gloomy, and then nothing really exciting. on the dvd it was happier and funnier…not as gloomy


Too bad he’s no longer doing Meet and Greets :glare:


On a semi-related note, one of my favorite character interaction moments EVER was meeting Dreamfinder, who was carrying Figment around with him. (little Figment… not 6-foot tall Figment that has been out recently. :laugh:) The two of them were so much fun. I wish they’d bring Dreamfinder back into the ride and little Figment out and about with him. :heart:


I agree completely!!! Love Dreamfinder!!


I have pictures of myself with figment and the dream finder form when i was a little girl but i really don’t remember it now:confused:I have always loved figment he is one of my favorite characters… I am very disappointed to hear that figment isn’t doing meet and greets anymore…when did that start??? I guess because I don’t remember the ride from way back i have no problem with the ride now… i just love that little purple dragon lizard thing :wub: And what dvd is everyone talking about?


Never saw the original version of Figment, only the current version.


there are dvds on but they are taken by a fan and the site itself takes forever to send them but man they are good.


That was my absolute favorite ride when I was a child. In 2001 (Florida residents), having had a few years break from WDW, I was very excited to ride it. And was extremely disappointed. There was no Figment! Just some annoying, goofy scientist. We immediately went to the desk in the What If? Labs and complained - and realized we were of many who were upset with the change.

In 2004 (Christmas vacation), I believe, we were a bit happier with the new version, which brought back Figment. Still, it is not nearly as wonderful as the original. I miss it dearly. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that it cannot be brought back. :crying: