This morning I went on Journey Into your Imagination! Well not really, my sister is at EPCOT today and she called my while she was on the ride. I was able to hear the entire ride.
Not as good as the real thing but I did enjoy being a part of her visit.


How fun, that was sweet of your sister to call you so you could enjoy the ride with her.


I just love Figment. I make sure I go see him every time I go to EPCOT.:mickey:


that was nice of her to include you in her fun. She :heart: you


Oh that was kind of her, I’m glad you enjoyed it.


What is Figment?


:eek: Figment is the character in Journey into Imagination inside the Imagination Pavillion.


How great! My parents are there now (so jealous!), I’ll have to tell Mom to call me while on a ride!


Very sweet of her to try to include you :slight_smile:


Next time, she should conference us all in so we can join in! LOL


I don’t think I have done this attraction. I never seem to have enough time at EPCOT


Just added Figment to my list for our March trip. We made a pack that eventually, we will go on every ride Disney has to offer. So, each trip we make sure we get on a new one. Figment will be it!


Sound like a great idea. What ride next?


She does love me!! I am spoiled with 3 wonderful sisters.


That sounds so fun. Wish someone would do that for me.


That is so nice of her, but it is sorta torcher… It is not like she was rubbing it in, but I would have been sad that I was not there tagging along…


I m a g i n a t i o n . . . .


We went to Disney the first time when I was 12, over Easter weekend, and it was AMAZINGLY crowded. The whole weekend, me being a young “geek”, I kept noticing the Disney hats on all these other kids; Goofy with the floppy ears and the teeth on the bill, Mickey Ears, Donald Ducks head with the bill being his bill, etc. But the BEST hat hat was the “dragon” hat, but I could never find one. Man, I wish Figment was as huge around the park now as he was at Epcot then. 25 years later, I would get me one of those kick butt hats! LOL.


How sweet is she??? :heart::laugh::heart:


Oh how cool!!! I just love figment. :happy: