Film on rides


what would you think in this digital age of instead of a still shot on some rides how about a short movie type venture I believe this is the future …hope disney does it first …you can get it ,email it ,send it …etc…come on disney ,if you need help my son has already developed the basic program…


Can he patent the idea??? QUICK…


even patented ,you will still get run over…just a piece of the pie would be greatly apreciated…


do you mean like you get now at universal studios on Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-it & on SheiKra at Busch Gardens. I have both DVDs of our ride, it’s not very good for the $$ you pay.


never been there but lets say the the picture on splash all the way down and the water soaking you …or the expedition everestt on the same spot that patures the picture just longer and maybe in diffe3rent spots also like when it starts to go backwards…and colagge them al together but you wouldn’t need a dvd you down load it and then add it to a cd at your home