Filming for WDW Christmas Day Parade


OK guys, here’s the information for when they are filming for the Christmas Day Parade on ABC.

They will be filming on December 2, 3 and 4th at Magic Kingdom.

If you are going to be at WDW and want to be part of the filming, you need to go to and register. Spots are going FAST so you need to register and reserve ASAP!!!


According to the site,Saturday is already taken!!


Which is all the more reason why if you want to be part of it you need to register NOW!!!


I heard that, to save $$$, they are just using the footage from last years parade.


Only if the weather’s bad, budget runs out, etc. They have to film the performers, Regis and Kelly, and MANY other things. Being part of the parade is truly an awesome experience.


We were there back in '96 for the Easter Parade filming and it was nice to be there for the experience but for the time it takes give me the regular parades any day.


We won’t be at WDW this year during the filming. Here’s hoping the dates will be the same next year so we can participate then!.

Hope all you that get to go have fun.


Oh, I was just kidding.
Never take anything I say seriously.


Well, DW and I just registered for the Friday morning session. I guess now we wait for confirmation to see if we made it. :whistling


What is on the 4th, I didn’t see anything on the site for it?


I only saw openings for the second, I wonder if the other two dates are sold out. Did you sign up Royorb1?


I just registered too. But we will be at PC from Nov 27-Dec 8. So how do I get the voucher?


Awwww…that sounds like so much fun!!! I wish we could be there earlier in the month to participate!!


I’m not sure I read this correctly. Do you get free park admission for doing this?


We wont make it for this year but have a chance for next year if they do it the same time frame as that’s when we’ll be there


ddoll, I think I read it that way too. Pretty interesting perk. I wonder how busy it will be that day.


Isn’t it funny how people think differently about things??

We were there last year when they were filming (we didn’t know in advance, it just worked out that way) and we swore we would never do that again. It was packed out and we were miserable.

It was so bad to us that I called WDW when we got home to find out when they would be filming this year so we would be sure NOT to be there on that day. A very nice lady returned my call and gave me her direct number so I could call later in the year to find out the dates. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to go ahead and make that call but I guess I don’t need to anymore!

We are going to be there then but will make our plans to be at another park those days! Maybe they will be less busy.


Arrgg! :blow: :noo: We are scheduled to be there on the 2nd! I hope its not too busy. I would hate to be crammed in on our only day there! But I know I’ll just be glad to be there, never the less! :mickey:


We will be at WDW at that time period. We are currently scheduled for Epcot on Fri and MGM on Sun with Sat as an open day. Although we do have Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s that morning we thought we may want to head to MK, but I’m thinking that might not be a good idea. Maybe we’ll stick out heads in and see what it looks like. We also do go back for dinner that evening at LTT at 7.

Maybe we’ll just do some resort hopping during that day or head to DTD.

I’ll run it by the rest of the committee (DW) and we’ll see what congress thinks (M-I-L & F-I-L & my mother).


No because we are checking in on the 4th, so we won’t be there in time. We were close though :sad:

Did you sign up, looks like you’ll be there in time.