Final payment was made today!


Even though we have a ‘little’ longer than 45 days until our arrival date I made our final payment! That feels good!!! :laugh:


Congratualtions!!!:mickey: :biggrin: I remember how that felt. What a load off your shoulders. Now you can look forward to just getting there and having a great time!


That is the best feeling ever! Now think of all the time you have to save for souviners!


There is noting more satisfying than that “paid in full” feeling. I am almost there too. I still have two passes, car service and groceries and I will be paid in full.


Congratulations! There’s nothing better than leaving home with everything paid for.


So that’s how it feels… My final payment will be made a week from Friday. Of course, my “final payment” is everything except the $200 deposit so it’ll be a big one.


Congrats! I am just about to make my deposit so I have a long ways to go…


Congratulations! That is the most AWESOME feeling! :heart: Only a short time to go…it will be here before you know it!


Thanks everybody!
I’m loving this feeling!
Especially since it wasn’t “due” until Aug 9th (our 45th day before arrival)

And now time to save up for the goods we get while we are there!
It’s coming up fast!


I’m with you hrb, we only ever put down the minimum, incase something happens and we need to cancel.

Great for you mom! It really does make everything feel so much closer when it’s paid in full!


Good for you!!!


Congratulations - it is such a great feeling!


I made our final payment (everything but the $200.0 deposit) back in April for our September trip. I knew I had until sometime in August to do it but I was too afraid I would spend the money on something else.


not long to go now then! How exciting for you! It always gives you a feeling of relief when that final payment has been made doesn’t it? Good for you! :happy:


Hooray! I made my final payment last week too. It was the BEST feeling. Now my trip is so close, I can almost smell the popcorn on Main Street!


Congrats ! That is a wonderful feeling. Good for you!


Well, I jumped the gun. Some unexpected cash became available so the trip is now paid off as of tonight. It was due by 8/2 anyway so no biggie.

MAN, I’m ready to go NOW.:mickey:


hrbib— think we may be at CBR at the same time!
We arrive the 24th (sept)!


I too am ready to go now!
Starting to buy our clothes (since the stores are getting rid of all the summer stuff already!!!) and little things here and there