Finalized Decision on our next BIG Vacation


After playing around with the numbers and dates, we have finally come to a decision. We are going to do 14 days at Disney in 2007 :happy: . I know it seems like a lifetime away. But, this is going to be our last vacation to Disney for a long time, since we will be moving to Nevada. At first, we weren’t going to Disney but since we’ve been living in Florida, Disney has been our absolute, hands-down, favorite vacation destination.

We wanted this vacation to be extremely memorable :wub: . So we are going to do, the first week, at AKL Concierge and the second week, at Grand Floridian Concierge. I hope Disney will be offering the MYW Packages at that time because the Premium Package seems like the best deal for us on this vacation.

I called tonight to try to book it, but I called too far in advance. The reservationist tried to see if he could at least book it for me, just to hold the rooms (they didn’t have prices, yet, for 2007) but the system wouldn’t allow him to even do that.

So, I’m stuck waiting until next summer before I can even make our ressie’s for our dates :crying:


That sounds like a dream trip. Congrats to you for choosing WDW to vacation to. It may seem far away, but look at the great trip you have to look forward to. It’ll be here soon enough. Until then, hang with us and help others plan. It will give you ideas for your own trip. Like most of us waiting for a trip to come, you can live through others. Order the planning videos and get some great guide books to hold you over. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been there, you can always learn something new about WDW or enjoy trying to find something you didn’t already know…lol Congrats on your desicion. :flowers:


That does sound like a dream trip – it sounds just wonderful. One day I would like to do AKL concierge, I just love that resort. :mickey:


Wow!! That sounds awesome. You picked two great resorts and you have plenty of time to soak up the magic. Have fun planning!


That sounds like a blast! And you just wait, it’ll be here in no time! You have LOTS of planning to do!!


Sounds very nice. It’s nice to be able to save up for the best!


Congrats!!! A week each at those two resorts sounds heavenly! It’ll be here before you know it!


Holy cow!!! Concierge at BOTH AKL and GF!!! When I win the lotto someday, I’ll be right there with you. 2007 may be far away, but it’ll be here, and when it is, we’ll all be turning technicolor w/envy!!!


That sounds amazing! And it’s amazing how quickly time passes. Doesn’t it seem like it was just Christmas? Concierge at two such beautiful resorts is well worth waiting for. Of course, we’ll all be doing the concierge at the GF when Jenny wins the lottery.


What services are offered for guests with Concierge Service?


try this:
We are staying concierge at WL(16 days) and AKL(5 days) at christmas so I will let you know what its like!


Thanks so much, I really do appreciate it! :mickey:


OMG iluv, that sounds like such a GREAT trip! I am soooo excited for you! I’m sorry it’s so far away…:sad:…but at least you know it’s going to be a long, wonderful trip when it finally comes around. :wub:


Count me in!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:


Hey,I want in on this lotto thing,too!!!


WOW! Sounds awesome! Have fun planning!


I’m going to buy a lotto ticket today…


That is fantastic. What a way to go out in style. Just think, you have 2 years to plan the perfect trip!


WOW!!! :ohmy:

Now THAT’S a vacation. You’ll be able to do EVERYTHING!

It’ll be like a second home by the time the two weeks are over.

Think of all the planning you get to do!!!

I’m jealous.


Luckily we live only 2 hours away because I can still go to Disney every once in a while, just to get my fix :). Plus, it’s so fulfilling just to log on to disneycentral and get an extra dose of Disney to carry me through the day. We have limited our disney fixes to the MNSSHP and MVMCP. We just got back from my 1st Fix, at the beginning of this month :happy:

When I first met my hubby, he wasn’t a huge Disney fan, at all. But, he has admitted that it’s grown on him and now, he’s just as excited as our ds and I. In fact, the GF was his idea :biggrin:

We just love Disney :wub: