Finally a discount for 2013!


Just saw on another site that there is a room only discount 15-35% off select days Jan through March 2013 for Disney Visa card holders only that says it will go into effect for everyone 10/10. I’ve been really hoping for Free Disney Dining in January but at least this is something. I’ll finally book this week! Yea!!
Less than 100 days to go.
The 3 times I’ve been there I’ve always gotten Free Dining. If I can’t get it this time I think I’m going to skip the dining plan and just pay per meal. I’m not a big eater at all and with the price hikes on the DP I think I might make out better even though I’m going with my 21 year old son who does eat like a normal 21 year old Male.
Any comments on Dining Plan or no Dining Plan?


Free dining isn’t happening this year for Jan - March Travel. The discount that releases to the general public on 10/10 is for up to 35% off your room only OR package on check in from 1/2 - 3/7. Exclusions are check in dates dates 1/18 - 1/20. Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation are totally excluded, but suites are eligible.


Thanks for the update. At least I won’t keep looking forward to the free dining. At least there will be some type of discount.