Finally double digit dance


I’m so excited. we’ve been counting down for so long and finally doing the double digit dance!!! This will be our first time staying off property and i’m a little nervous!


I’m right there behind you. Four more days for me until we hit the double digit dance! I’m curious, why did you decide to stay off site this time?


ummmmm wonderful.

I am at 37 or so days…yayyyyyyyyyyy:goofybounce: :cheshire: :simba:


as you can see by my countdown …I am getting close…congrats on reaching this milestone


Ok, I am still 3 digits but hey, it is going down daily.:blush::happy:


I have a friend that has a condo about 10 miles from WDW property. I’m traveling with a friend and her 3 kids so we are splitting the cost. It will only be $30 a night. I don’t think i’ll be saving that much money since we won’t be doing the dining plan anything we save on a room will be spent on food. I know we can save by doing counter service but my kids are still little and they love the themed restaurants. I know I can cook at the condo, but seriously this is vacation!:laugh::laugh: I’m not cooking and I don’t plan on being there much. I figured I’d try it but already I’m bummed that I can’t to magical express, I have to get my own luggage, rent a car, and pay to park every day:pinch:…this may be my one and only time off property


We are just ahead of you! I am looking forward to this trip more than most we have taken. I am ready for a break!


I am so ready too!!! we are there for 12 nights! I’m a little nervous about going during spring break too. We usually go at the end of april beginning of may, but with Easter being late this year I thought that would be a worse time


Yay for you!! Still wish I was going with you, but I MAY have a countdown soon!!!:laugh:


one day when i actually get a summer vacation we’ll vacation together:blush:…I figure in about 5 - 8 years I should have the senority to get a week off in the summer:angry:…then again we could just wait a little longer and celebrate my retirement:laugh::laugh: