Finally down to the last 30 days!


I am fired up!! Just had to share.
Now I wondering what I am forgetting??


You are forgetting to tell me ('cause I forgot) where are you staying and how long is your trip?


I am ALMOST that close…ok…not really but a girl can dream can’t she??

I’ll have to find and resurrect my “Less Than 30 Days Dance” thread for you!


Hey no problem. I love talking bout my trip!!
We are staying at the WL May 13th - 21st.


Cool! If you’re in MGM on the 20th, see you there, lightsaber in hand!:biggrin:


I am there with ya!!! 30 days! 30 days! 30 days!( ok as of tommorow) Can you tell I am excited. 22 hour car ride here we come. Are you driving or flying?


You guys should start your own “30 day club.” I am jealous of all of you!! Have fun Buzz (and the rest)!!!


30 DAYS!!! That means, without weekends, we’re down to 22 DAYS!!!


30 days!?! I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to hear about your trip–WL is my favorite resort.


We are flying down. More Disney time!!


23 days!!! 5 nights at CBR and 3 nights at AKL!! First time at a deluxe resort!!! So psyched!!!


You’re going to LOVE AKL, Quakercub! It’s beautiful, fun, and relaxing. Don’t forget to close your eyes and take in the smell of the lobby – mmmm!


30 days!!! How great!! I wish I were that close!!!

When we got down to 30 days, with my kids we did a bucket with a little piece of candy for each day for each person in our family that we eat together each day to help us count down!! It was fun and the kids liked it!


Woo Hoo Buzz!!!