Finally found Disney Keys!


I’ve looked everywhere and dealt with people at Home Depot who would rather discuss football than help customers…but I finally found Disney Keys at a local locksmith shop! Just wanted to post for others who may have lost hope like I did!


Oh awesome!! I never was able to find them but I always keep them in mind when near a UPS Store, since that’s where they were originally reported to be.

I STILL want a Tinkerbell one, GOSH!! I might have to check some local locksmiths too!


Wish, I got the Tink key about 2-3 weeks ago at a locksmith down the block from me…it is adorable…but a bit expensive for a key! I think it was almost $8 bucks…but money with Disney is always money well spent!

If you can’t find it anywhere near you, let me know. I can always pick up a blank one (uncut) and you can have it cut anywhere by you!


Sounds like you could start your own business…


they have them on e-bay. You don’t even have to bid you can just buy them for about $3.50 each. S/H is $2.00 but if you a few keys it’s worth it!


Disney keys?!! :huh: Never heard of them. Thanks for the info…:biggrin:

note to self: keep up with disney accesories. :dry:


THESE ARE SOOO COOL!!! I found someone on ebay selling them…$4.99 BIN and $2.50 shipping. Then I would have to pay to get the key cut. My best bet is looking locally for them.
Anyone know if they have them at Lowes or Home Depot?


I haven’t lost hope!
I’m still looking for them!


I’ve asked eeeeeeverywhere and gotten nothing but strange looks “whats a Disney-Kee?” arg!
Congrats to you for finding them though :wub:


This would be fun for the kids to keep on their keychains too… .I amy try to get them each one of those!


Sounds like we have gone to the same places cause that seems to be the same response that Im getting. So far I have tried HomeDepot,Loews,UPS store and Walmart and nothing. Oh well ebay here I come. :happy:


I had also tried Lowes, Wal-Mart and UPS. Our UPS store people looked at me even stranger than the Home Depot people. I only paid $9 to get 2 keys and get them cut! If someone wants one and is going to pay lots more than that, let me know. I’ll have to drive to another town (I live in a really small town in a un-Disney state), but I make the trip every week or so anyway!
Wish, I know they had Tink, I looked at her…but Mickey won out!