Finally going back for some magic!


We finally have a trip planned in August of '07!!! VERY LONG time to wait!:pinch: But it is better than no trip planned at all!!

We kinda blew the whole wad when we did the WDW and Disney Cruise in December, so it took some convincing to get another trip planned!

We are however, not going to WDW we are going to DL/CA!! I am very excited to go back to where it all started for us! :wub: We have not been back since we started going to WDW!

We are going to San Diego and Sea World first, then DL/CA and yes Universal:glare: ! We do this to apease my DH!! He loves Universal! We should get a 2 week trip out of it!! With 4 to 5 days at DL/CA!!

Now to try and decide where to stay! We love DLH but I would love to try the Grand Californian!! Any thoughts??:happy:


How exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear all your plans.


That’s great I haven’t been to DL since I was little. I’m sorry I can’t help in regards to the Californian but have a blast!


That’s great news! Any trip is going to be a good trip even if it is next summer!


Hey, good to see you. Where have you been hiding? Stick around, will ya? Glad to hear that you’re going back.
I do not remember seeing a trip report of your December trip. Did I miss it? :blink: Or did you forget to post one:ohmy:


You’ve been missed around here!

Congratulations on the trip, have fun planning over the next year.


Sorry I have not been around much lately. My kids keep me busy with all their activities! It is nice to know you guys missed me! I"'ll try to stick around more!

I did do a very detailed Dec trip report with pictures!! You have to read it! we had a blast!!

It is good to be back!:happy:


I would love to see your complete December trip report!

And nice to see you! It’s SO GREAT to have a trip in the works, isn’t it?

(btw, I’ve been to Universal in California and wasn’t impressed at all…the one in Orlando is AMAZING in comparison…that’s just my opinion, though :wink: )


Yay! Good for you! I actually do like Universal Hollywood, there aren’t many rides, but I love seeing the backlot where they make movies and tv shows.


I actually liked Universal California an awful lot. I have never been to the one in Florida.


Having a trip in the future, no matter how far away it seems, is better than none. Your trip sounds like a bunch of fun and I can’t wait to watch all the details unfold.


Oh!!! DL!! How cool!? I can’t wait to hear more details!