Finally going back!


Hey all, been absent from this site for far too long!!
We have not been to WDW since 2009! I sooo miss it!! 2010 and 2011 we did Disneyland and California Adventure along with Vegas and San Diego it was great I’m just ready for WDW again!
This week my DH said he was ready to go back to WDW!!! YAY!
So we are headed there mid December for NINE days!
I am so excited and just wanted to share!:happy:


Nice to see you again! Congratulations on your upcoming trip! Christmas at WDW is so magical!


YAY!! Congrats!! Hope you have a magical time!!


Very exciting news!! I wish my husband said he was ready to go back… :wink: Have fun planning!!!


Thanks everyone!! I’ve been like a planning nut!! Can’t get enough!!
I’m sure ill have lots of questions!!


Congratulations hun!!! I am so pleased for you! And…yes…your absence was noted. Missed you!!! xxxxxx


Thank you Ariel- that’s very sweet!!:happy: