Finally got a pin and can't use it....URGHHHHH!


I have be patiently waiting for a deal to be released for our trip planned 10/30/10-11/6/10. As of right now, the total is $6004.79 and I really want take it down.

I received this email yesterday for any resort category:
Save 40%
for stays most nights during these select weeks
9/1–10/9/10 • 10/24–10/30/10 • 11/14–11/20/10
11/28–12/4/10 • 12/12–12/18/10

Its not good for our week:angry: I called to see if there was anyway we could use and and I was politely told no, but keep watch because discounts for that time do not usually come out this early.

Our dates are locked in and airfare is booked so I will be keeping my fingers crossed for another deal.:crying:


doesn’t that just annoy the heck out of you?


It sure does. Not sure why the blackout days with this offer?


the dates fall on and around holloween is the only thing I can think of


Jersey Week & Halloween


That stinks, I hope somehing comes out for your dates.


cant you use it if you check in during that time although the stay goes beyond it?


We are tentatively looking at the same dates as you!

Only shorter… 10/30-11/2

Perhaps you could split your stay and use it for the October 30? Would that work? That would save you some money.

I remember a great post last spring about how someone split their stay to take advantage of two different offers.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. You should be able to apply it to your 10/30 date. At least that’s a start.


If you check in on the 30th, you should be able to use it for your entire stay. That’s how it always worked before for me. We just had to make sure at least one date fell into the timeframe. We just did this in December. We got a pin that was good for free dining through December 16 and we checked in on the 16 and were able to apply it to our entire stay. I would suggest calling again and seeing what a different cast member can do for you.