Finally got them!


That’s right the reservation packet and as well the Magical Express packet came in the mail yesterday. Was even better than Christmas!!!:blush:


Yay, I love that!!


Congrats to you. That would be better than Christmas :smile:


That’s wonderful!! Say hello to everyone at the POP Century for me; I’ll be returning “home”:wub: this coming March for a surprise trip with my kiddos.


That is SOOOOOOO cool! Don’t you just love getting those Disney packets in the mail?!:happy:


It’s a great day when the DME stuff arrives–you know your trip is almost here.


I will be sure to do that. This is my first time at POP…:redface:


Sure do, it’s been a long time coming. Since my last trip to the World was back in 1998:mickey:


How exciting!


That is one of the most exciting feelings ever!! :happy:


We got ours yesterday too!!! 30 days to go!