Finally have a chance to post part of TR!


Very hectic after getting home.

Trip dates: 5/6 - 5/16/09

Cast is:

Me (42)
DH (49)
DSS (22) but was 17 at the World for cost purposes:pinch:
DS (13)

Ok, now I am sure most of you know we were driving to WDW on this trip. We were pretty excited. DS went to school, DH went to the bank and filled up the Suburban. I started to finish packing last minute things, go tanning and come home to shower and pack up the truck. DSS called at 9:30 letting us know he was on his way from N. Jersey to our house (suburb about an hour N. of Philadelphia). Plans are falling into place. Nicky (DSS) will be down by 12-12:30, pick Ant (DS) up from school and we should be on the road by 1:30-2:00. I leave to go tanning and get home at 10:30, run upstairs to jump in the shower and here “You are kidding me!” I look at Bob (DH) and he says Nicky’s car is being impounded. I nearly had a heart attack. I had to call the school to have them tell Ant to take the bus home because we did not know if we would be home in time to pick him up. Now we have to drive up to Raritan, NJ to pick up Nicky and get his car. Turns out an officer ran his plate while he was stopped at a light and his license was showing it was suspended. Apparently when he moved he changed insurance carriers and there was a lapse and he never received the letter from DMV. Well his Grandparents straightened out his license, we had to go to the police station to show them he had his license back and get approval to pick up the car. Picked up the car and drove back home. Now I am panicking:eek: We finally get home, I run in the shower, Bob and Nicky pack the car and we head to Wawa to pick up sandwiches. Bob starts to feel like he is getting a migraine so I am doing the first leg of driving:ohmy: We get on the road at 5pm. Great “Rush Hour”. Takes us over an hour to get out of PA. Panic sets in again as we guaranteed a room in SC to stay overnight so we have to make to the hotel. I drove until about 9:30pm, then Bob drove until about 11:00. He was too tired to drive any longer. Nicky picked up driving until about 1:00am and I finished the leg, getting us to the hotel at 4:00am. I set the alarm for 7:00am and I must have been asleep before my head hit the pillow:closedeye: We get up shower, eat and head out again. Bob drove the rest of the trip and we finally arrived at the Polynesian Resort at 1:45:laugh:

Will continue…


what a start… hope it smoothes out!


Wow. What a start.happy to hear things worked out. I can’t wait to read more and hopefully see some pictures


Sorry for the rocky start. I really hope it got better.


Forgot to mention that we hit monsoons on Wed. night during the drive. No fun driving at times. And, we left temps in the 50’s-60’s to arrive to temps in the high 90’s:eek:

Thursday 5/7

Ok, we arrived and of course the tears set in. I never ever thought I would be staying at the Poly in my lifetime:pinch: I did the On-Line Check-In so when we walked into the lobby we headed straight over to Check-In. No one in line at all for the On-Line Check-In:happy: We gave her our name and she gave us our folder already prepared right down to the high-lighted directions to our room. Ok, first dippy thing I did…the CM asks if it was our first time there and being me, I thought she meant at the resort and quickly blurted out “Yes”. She proceeds to hand us 4 “My 1st Trip” pins:ohmy: I politely took them and we headed to our room. DH and the boys did not let me live it down all the way to the room. So you know, I am known for doing some really dippy dopey things:blush:

We received our request, Tokelau, 1st floor. Wow are the rooms big compared to CBR:happy: Our room was right as you walked into the building #1938. The bus stop was not more than a minute walk, the quiet pool was around the corner, the Ceremonial House was a few moments away and the TTC is about 5 or less to walk to. It is a great room location.

So we started to unpack. The kids snagged almost all the drawers in the dresser. DH and I got 2 for each of us and I had brought extra hangers for the rest of our clothes. He utilized the shelf above the TV for most of his stuff:laugh:

The only thing I was disappointed about was that you are paying deluxe resort prices and our room needed work. The paint was peeling on the inside of the bathroom door, the bathroom fan did not work, the lighting was very bad in both the bathroom and the main room, you could not control the temp on your fridge and the ceiling vents and some areas were pretty dusty. Not much to complain about huh:glare: In the morning (Fri) we asked to have someone look at the fridge, being we had stuff for breakfast that we did not want to go bad. When we returned from the park on Fri. there was no note or anything so DH and I asked at Guest Services. He put another call in and later called our room to tell us that it is just a cooler. It is suppose to stay cold enough so as items will not spoil. I thought they said the room had a fridge:confused:

We also asked for extra blankets for the day bed 2 seperate times (Fri. morning and then again I requested on a note with the tip for Mousekeeping on Sat. monring). We had 3 blankets when we returned later Sat. night:laugh: Oh and a pair of ducks visited us in the morning. They were adorable!

Back to Thursday…

We had a 4:30 ADR in Italy for dinner so we quickly washed up, changed and found our way over to the TTC to pick up the Monorail for EPCOT. We got to the main gate at about 4:20 and I start the fast walk, look back and they are humdy dumbdying along. I have a habit of walking fast:blush: I had to keep stopping to let them catch up. We made it by 4:35. Dinner was awesome, and no you cannot substitute a desert for an appetizer:mad: So we wound up carrying around a canoli because we could not eat another bite:blow: After dinner we watched the mime performance (I think that was what he was). He was funny.

We decided to go to DHS since it was opened until 10:00pm. We took the boat over from the Intl Gateway. Nice ride over. Nicky wanted to do the Backlot Tour but it was not open. Seemed that entire section of the park was closed except for Toy Story and Muppets. We were upset since not everything was open but the park was open late and not on an EMH night at that. The line for Toy Story was ridiculously long so we did The Great Movie Ride, tried to get in for the Idol finale and wound up 4 families from getting in so went to Sunset for RNR and TOT. While the boys were on RNR and TOT, DH and I walked through the stores. They finished and we walked in for the 8:30 show of Fantasmic. They said there was only standing room only left but we found seats to the right of the perfomance. It was nice!

The boys wanted to ride RNR and TOT again so we made a B-line for the rides. Come around the corner (Hollywood to Sunset) and the line for the 2nd Fantasmic show was all the way out to Hollywood. We were glad we did not listen to the guide books and go to the 2nd showing.

After the kids were done we took the bus back. We did not know that the deluxe resorts share the buses:confused: It was not that bad, but fun. We normally drive all around the world and it was nice taking the bus for a change.

When we got back to the resort DH and I walked through the stores and the Ceremonial House to familiarize ourselves with what was there. I also realized we didn’t get Anniversary pins when we checked in so we went and they were very apologenic and gave us our pins. Could be we didn’t get them because of dippy me saying “Yes” to it being our first time:ohmy: Anyhoo the CH was absolutely beautiful with all the flowers and plants. Everyone seemed so happy:blush:

That night we relaxed, watched tv and decided to sleep in the next day to catch up from the lack of sleep from the drive down:mellow:

I still have to download pics from the camera into the computer. This weekend will be nuts so hopefully sometime next week:blink:

To be continued:redface::redface::redface:


Can’t wait to hear more and see the polly


Looking forward to reading more…and hoping that someday I’ll get to stay at the Poly, too!:blush:


Here are a few photos of our first day.

  1. Ant’s dessert (Crostatine) at Tutto Italia
  2. Lady and the Tramp topiaries in Italy
  3. View of SE from Italy
  4. From L to R, Anthony, Nicky and Bob checking out a swarm of gnats over another guest.
  5. Fantasmic


Friday 5/8/09

We caught up on sleep and woke around 7:30. Had breakfast in the room (brought breakfast foods with us). Took our time getting ready as we we going to Typhoon Lagoon today woohoo:laugh:

On our last trip in '07 they had morning EMH every day of our trip at TL but not this trip. Park opened at 10am and we got there around 9:30 for the rope drop. 10 on the button, rope dropped and Ant and I made a b-line for our spot (to the left as entering the park, up above the pool, behind the lifeguard. We love this spot:cool: Very easy to watch the kids in the pool and short walk to the tube slides. Spent the morning in the pool, the lazy river and the tube rides. Had lunch at Leaning Palms, hit the river and pool again and left around 2:00.

Went back to the Poly. Ant started to hit in on his homework while we took showers. Bob and I walked around the resort to check it out. It is so beautiful!!!:wub: See pics below.

Then we went to the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey’s. They had a celebration about every 20 minutes. If you were celebrating, and they were aware of it, you received a cupcake with a candle. We received two on a Mickey plate for celebrating our 20th anniversary. See pic below. We were stuffed after dinner:blow: and had decided to walk to MK.

Feeling a little better after the walk, we rode Jungle Cruise, POTC, SM, BTR, HM and Buzz before heading back to the resort. We pretty much walked on everything considering it was a Friday night.

The boys wanted to swim so we went and bought a bottle of wine, found a hammock and relaxed. Bob found someone’s cell phone on the hammock and we tried to call to tell them we found it, but their mom thought it was a hoax so we turned it in at GS. We hope they got the phone back!

Now off to bed to rest for our day at AK.


  1. Nicky & Ant in the wave pool at TL
  2. Bob at TL
  3. Our room at the Poly
  4. View from out of our room at the Poly
  5. Cupcakes received for our 20th Anniv. Celebration at Chef Mickey’s


:blink:Oops, must turn head to see Bob upright


Great pics. I’ve never stayed at the Poly. Looks great!


:heart:That is one place I will stay @ one day! I have always wanted to stay somewhere where the monorail is!:wub:


It is going to be so hard going back to CBR after staying at the Poly. I doubt we will ever be able to afford staying there without such a great deal as we had with the buy 4 get 3 free deal. We normally use a car the entire trip and we only used it 4 times. Three to TL and once to AK for our early ADR for breakfast. Otherwise we used WDW trans the entire trip. I would recommend the Poly to everyone from now on!!!


Your pictures are great! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


Great TR!! I love the Poly…I want to stay there so bad one day!!


17 for cost puposes?? What is wrong with that picture??


Great Pictures. I enjoyed reading your trip report. Any more great pictures?


Great TR. I hope I can stay at the Poly one day!