FINALLY heading back to WDW!


Well we were up there back in May but it was just a quick weekend trip that was a blur. We are finally going back for six whole days!!! We are driving up this Saturday and coming back next Friday! We check in to As Mu when we get up there and then switch over to BCV on Monday!! Been trying to get into BCV for the last couple of years so we are happy to get it off our bucket list!!!

We bought 3 day FL resident pass so we can have a few non park rest days since DW has a lot of back issues now and I wanted to give her time to rest her back instead of our old commando days.

Anyway just wanted to post since the excitement is a boiling up in side of me :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to hear how you like BCV. We love the area. So convenient to be walking distance to two parks. I haven’t tried the pool yet, but hear wonderful things about it.
Safe travels and have a wonderful time!!!


Good for you! I hope you like BCV as much as we do. It’s a great resort to be at when you have non-park days. The location is so nice, we love walking to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.


Better late than never! Or something like that. We had a good trip that was slightly hindered by DW having her sciatic nerve flare up which prevented us from doing a lot of what we had planned. Staying at BCV was nice and it is off our bucket list of places to stay. The resort itself is beautiful, but our room had little to no theming to it. We could see part of the Epcot fireworks from our room which was nice on the evening we stayed in. Service was a bit lacking especially at the Beach Club Marketplace, where the portion sizes were extremely lacking and the service all the more so.

It was very nice to walk to Epcot and we walked over to Boardwalk several times to eat at ESPN Club or see a couple of friends who work there.

Other highlights included going over to Scat Cat Club at POFQ to watch Jason & Billy/BIlly & Jason perform there on a couple of nights. Both are former members of Off Kilter, the band that used to play at the Mill Stage in Canada pavilion. We also got to see a few other friends.

As life has been rather hectic these last few months, I doubt a full in depth TR is going to happen but I will see to post some pictures as I would like to help inject some more life into the site :slight_smile:


Had no clue Off Kilter members were playing anywhere. This makes me soooo happy. I’ve added that to my “to do” list for our September trip.
Glad you had a great time. I agree with BCV marketplace lack of luster. For whatever reason, they always seem to be slow and not hapoy working there.


They have a FB page called Jason and Billy / Billy and Jason and they update their schedule. It is mainly Saturday - Tuesday nights 8pm -11pm. Well worth checking them out. They take requests and are a real hoot to watch :slight_smile:


Thought I would add a link to one of their sets at Scat Cats @ POFQ by one of my friends who went up on stage to perform with them

Jason & Billy / Billy & Jason