Finally Here


We finally got to Walt Disney World and it is really hot and sticky. We are staying at Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are in a 1 bedroom and it is incredible, I am blown away. Still not sure if i’m going to do a live trip report since it was very tiring last time I did that but i have not decided yet. I am just so happy to just be engulfed in the world of disney.


Aw…welcome home! :heart:

Have a wonderful trip!!!


Just post random pictures to feed our addiction! :whistling


Have an awesome time! I can’t wait, I’ll be there in 40 days.


We’re there in 39, can’t wait. Even little tid bits would be great!

Have fun!!!


Have a fabulous trip! Kidani sounds awesome.


Have a wonderful.


Oh, just give us updates while you are there…anything! I love onsite trs, even mini-trs; the excitement you have when you are there, it just comes through!

Have a most excellent time!


Have a wonderful trip and take a ton of pics!


Can’t wait to see your pictures. You will post pictures, right??? :))


Have a great time and take lots of pictures…


Enjoy Kidani Village!


Have a great trip!