Finally! It"s Here!


Well, after a year or so of planning…the day has come! We are heading out in the morning and I need to take time to finish up my packing (sorry Dana:blush: ) and do a couple last minute errands. See you all in about 11 days!!:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Enjoy, Have a blast and please save some fun for us.:biggrin:


Have a Magic-filled time! Can’t wait too read the TR. I know your trip will be exciting. With a year to plan, how can it not be? :happy:


Don’t worry,there are a lot of us last minute packers out there. Enjoy your trip!


Have fun!!!


Have a great trip. Come back with stories :cool:


EXCITING!!! Have a wonderful, fun-filled, safe and happy trip!


Jelous. That’s all.


Have a fab time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Have a Magical vacation!!!


Make that jealous…oops.


Hope you have a magical trip!!


Have fun!!!


take lots of pics for us!! have a great time!!