Finally made it!


To single digits!!!


Dance, Buzzy, dance!!!


To WDW and…Beyond!!!


Yay!!! Are ya packed yet???


Yippeeeee can’t wait for you to come back :biggrin: because then we get to read all about your fantastic trip! :cool:


Yeah! I’m excited for you (and a little jealous…). The next 45 days can’t go fast enough!


YEA! I am so excited for you and your family, I can’t wait to read your trip report when you get back.


Congrats! :happy: I’ll be dancing with you soon!


YAY, Mark…just 2 more days and I can “officially” join you in your dance!! :happy:


You go Buzz! :cool:


Not that you’re excited or anything though, right? :happy:


YES! Awesome! Are you going to be around for the Meet & Greet on the 13th?


Too bad you’re not the least bit excited, Buzz! :wink:


Way to go Buzz! :wink:

Can’t wait till I’m in the single digits! Won’t be long now…


How exciting! Have a great trip!


That’s so exciting. Where are you staying, Buzz? I put a countdown on my cell phone so I always have accress to it. It’s almost under the 50 day mark. Getting there! Have a great time!!!


Single digit dancing, Mark!!! Have so much fun!!!


me? excited?


Unfortunately the 13th is our departure day, and we are leaving pretty early.


We are staying at the Boardwalk this year.
My phone doesn’t do a countdown, but I was able to put all of our ADRs in it.