Finally Made PS for Jan - got everything!


We finally decided on the bulk of our table service meals. We purchased the dining plan. Trip will consist of me, husband, 5yr old daughter, and my parents.
Please let me know what you think of our choices. Also, do you think we are going to be rushing too much to meet these times? Thanks

Arrive Sat 1-28 - head to MK - no PS dining - just counter service

Sunday 1-29 1900 Park Fare Character Breakfast
Day at MK

Monday 1-30 Le Cellier Dinner
Day at Epcot

Tuesday 1-31 9:20 Breakfast at O’Hana
Day at MGM

Wednesday 2-1
Day at AK - no meals scheduled
Possibly DTD in evening

Thursday 2-2
EMH Magic Kingdom
Brunch at Chef Mickey’s
Dinner at Whispering Canyon

Friday 2-3

Saturday 2-4
Day Open
Dinner at 1900 Park Fare

What does everyone think? We are open for suggestions. Thanks.


Congrats on getting everything that you wanted. It always makes me feel like the trip is more real when the PSes are made. Now all you ahve to do is wait…oh and make sure you call a week or two prior ot your trip and check all your reservation numbers. WDW has made a mistake once or twice and better to find out before you get there and fix it.


congrats on making your PS’. sounds like you’re going to have a great time. excellent choices.


Excellent itinerary, all your choices and times look great.

BTW, you arrive the day I leave… :crying:


Congrats on getting everything you wanted. Your plans and choices look great! :mickey:


Good choices! We did the same thing, basically keeping it to one a day so as not to be running from PS to PS.

You might want to try Donald’s Breakfastosaurus in AK if that is included in the plan. Your 5yo will love it and you can get in the park earlier too. DTD has great restaurants too. We love House of Blues, always make it a point to go when we are there.

1900 Park Fare breakfast is very good. Always wanted to try O’hana’s for breakfast. Have to let me know how fun it was.

Have fun planning.