Finally new info on DVC Hawaii


Allears has posted new info.
Disney shares plans for Hawaii resort with Honolulu Mayor (Disney News Blog)


That would be awesome!!! I called to see about booking a trip using my Pts for Hawaii for march but there wasnt anything avail at ANY of the HI resorts. Perhaps I will just wait till this one opens. Thanks for the info!!!


It is on hold :sad:
Real Estate Blog - Disney’s Ko Olina Resort on Hold. Kapalua Resort looking to refinance Lehman debt with new lenders. Trump Ocean Resort in Baja loses funding.


Well, you sure as heck can’t do that if you sell your DVC. :pinch:


Yeah T24… you better hold off on that sale, or you won’t get to do any of this cool stuff!


I guess it’s not delayed. Allears has info on the ground breaking.
Disney’s Hawaii Project Begins with Ground Blessing (Disney News Blog)