Finally paid in full


yeah we are finally paid in full.


That is a great feeling! Congrats!


Congrats!!! :smile:


That is great to be all paid up this early.
I still have another month or so before I’ll be there with you.




Congrats to you and the family!! Its great to be paid in full


I was just saying in another post that I can not wait to have the feeling of being paid in full! My airfare is paid in full and non refundable so no matter what happens we will be going to Orlando for a week, even if we are only gonna be at MCO!

Good for you, you must be relieved!



That’s always a good feeling isn’t it!!


Always love that feeling!!


I think that’s the second best feeling in the world…second only to leaving for WDW! :laugh: :happy: Congrats!


Wow another one! Congrats! Guess that federal stimulus package is working. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


That’s great for you! I wish I could join you in that group, but we are waiting to see if airfare comes down before we pay Disney in full. I sure hope something comes up before the 45 day deadline comes up.


:laugh: I wish mine had gone toward a Disney trip… :whistling