FINALLY... PJ & Baloo's TR!


It’s been a long time coming, but here it is!! The TR from our May 9-11 trip! woohoo! As a disclaimer, Brian likes to write, and I like to ramble. We tried to cut it down as much as we could, but that takes all the fun out of it. So here it is, in all its long-winded glory. I’m in purple, Baloo (aka: Brian) is in blue. Find a really really comfy chair, make sure you have plenty of time on your hands, and enjoy! :slight_smile:

We have tentatively titled this TR “Water, Water (almost) Everywhere” because water was a recurring theme at all the wrong times. And because we were trying to be creative.

Day 1

[B]We both woke up at 5 on Tuesday and finished our last minute packing. About an hour and a half later, we were both set. Jill left to pick me up at my place and keep in mind, she is not up to date with all the new construction since she has been away from home for some time now. Little did I know that my excitement got in the way of mentioning to her that the McDonald’s she turned on to go down to my street was no more—it ceased to exist—nothing but rubble and barricades. So, a little while later I receive a call saying “if I hit a Target, have I gone too far?” Yes. I had gone too far. Long story short, I navigated my way back through his confusing city till I got to his house, where I greeted him in quite a lovely mood. But I got over it relatively fast because YAAAAY we’re going to Disney!!! It started raining in the middle of the drive and the sky was still pretty dark when we got there – not good news for us, since we were planning to spend the day at Blizzard Beach.

We checked into All Star Music (woot) and asked which bus to take to Blizzard Beach. The CM said none – Blizzard Beach is temporarily closed due to inclement weather. A water park was shut down because of water—what a concept. There was no longer thunder or lightning, so we had no clue what the fetch was going on. We were both all set to go there too—swimming attire right under our clothes. Well now, that immediately put a monkey wrench into our plans and without asking the monkey either…sheesh. The CM at the front desk felt sorry for us and must have sensed that we were celebrating Jill’s birthday because he found us a room right away instead of us just waiting till 4. (in Broadway!!! I’ve always wanted to stay there!!) So we dropped off our bags and both looked at each other in a silly Disney moment “now what???” Luckily (da da duuuuum!!) Jill was on the phone with her mom who wisely suggested to us to journey on over to Animal Kingdom since we were already dressed for the heat and shall we say water too of Kali in Asia. Are you noticing the water theme yet?[/B]


Finally! lol kidding. I have been looking forward to this. You guys write the best trip reports…I love the two sides of the story at once. Can’t wait to hear more…hey I can’t believe the rain didn’t ask the monkey…not nice.


So far this TR Drips of excitement.

Oh yes - I still got it —>DRIPS … WATER-THEME? Get it?
Whos the mouse, who’s the mouse?


[B]So we took a bus on over to AK and fought through the lines to get in – it seemed like everyone on Disney property showed up at AK at the same time we did. Once inside we ran over to Kali to get fastpasses, then went to Dinosaur and walked on. We sat in the back – that ride gets like 30 times more intense when you’re back there. (or at least it does to me, but don’t take my word for it… I stayed true to my chicken self this trip, as you will see…) After that we were getting hungry so we searched the map for a food place. We wanted Disney food – cheeseburgers, fries, fixins bar… and the map made Restaurantasaurus sound like that. So we went there. And found out that it was actually a McDonalds disguised as a Disney restaurant. How rude. But we were starving so we ate there anyway.

So after saving the Iguanadon Jill named Lucky…haha get it?? (don’t worry, I don’t either…) and eating chicken nuggets at the glorified McDonald’s, which at least could have been made to be dino shaped (in its defense, it did have some pretty awesome dino décor inside… if I was obsessed with dinosaurs, I would so design my house after that place…but anyway, back to the TR…), we headed off to some Kali action. Jill had not been on it for a while, so did not know that there was only one drop and that the geyser at the lift did not really get you good. What she did remember was the drop and as we just sat there spinning around and around, she was freaking out in a mixture of laughter and cries of “why me? why me? we are going to get soaked!” The whole boat fell silent (ok… I swear NONE of that happened), until we actually did hit the drop. Now would be a good point to tell you also of the looney sitting on Jill’s other side. The whole time she was flip flopping between “Bring on the water” to “Oh please no water!”…it was rather scary. I thought she was going to pass out from excitement. And she had a huge backpack that was stuffed full, which she shoved into the center part that keeps everything dry. So of course, now the thing wouldn’t close. Me and this other guy who had our stuff in there with hers kept trying to hold the plastic part down to at least partly save our stuff. Anyways… the drop!! Ah yes. It was a big drop. It was a wet drop. It brought back many flashbacks. And I, who was apparently in the middle of a streak of strange behavior, thought that it would be a good idea to lean forward right before we got to the bottom of the drop. Yeah. Not a good idea. The front of me stayed dry. But the water came over me and right down the back of me. Looovely feeling. We came off, and I was walking just as awkwardly as all the wet people I had made fun of coming into it. We stopped to examine our level of soakedness. This examination process led to some interesting pictures—interesting in the way that I pose in them. I have a feeling Jill will share with you. (heh heh heh…evil PJ laugh) I lucked out on this ride…just got wet with the water Jill couldn’t block…but don’t worry folks, my day would come. [/B]




[B]The results of our examination…

I told Brian to do an “I’m soaked” pose. :laugh:[/B]


LOLOL he nailed it…lolol


My turn…


We’re wet but we’re HAPPY!


Keep going. BTW, last time we went on a water ride like that (OK - it was at Universal) we had 2 women in the raft with rain hats and ponchos who picked seats that would not get them wet (like any seat stays drier than another). They absolutely refused to move so that a woman getting on with us could sit next to her two small children. People just need to accept the fact that they will get soaked not matter what.


[B]From there we squish squashed on over to the Kilimanjaro Safaris…on the way Jill went to the bathroom and literally two seconds later, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy came down the river around the Tree of Life in an elongated version of the Jungle Cruise. They were dancing, waving, and having a swell time…riding just out of view as Jill walks out of the bathroom. Of course she looked at me funny after that story of the encounter, until I pointed out the boat now docked for pictures with guests. Wow I know how to ramble…so as we hit Africa, we notice the never ending line for the safari and decide to press on with our next adventure for the day. On our way out, we decide to check with Guest Relations about Blizzard Beach once more…at this moment…there were only like two WHITE clouds in the sky and just plain Florida sunshine…surely the water park was opened now!! Three guesses and the first two don’t count. That is right. Still closed…all day. In fact, after riding back from AK, we saw the Blizzard Beach sign saying “closed due to capacity.” Riiiiight. That is why we saw the parking lot empty on the way back to ASM. I said I thought they just put the same sign up whenever Blizzard Beach was closed no matter the reason, but Brian was convinced they put that specific sign up to mess with people.

We got back to the hotel and figured since we couldn’t go to Blizzard Beach, and since we were already pretty much soaking wet… why not go to the pool? So we did. It was pretty cold for being almost-summer weather, so we didn’t stay long. But it was a nice break. Afterwards, we headed back up to the room to shower and change for Epcot. But before we left, I got a big surprise. I come out of the shower… and the room is decorated for my birthday!!! I had tried to decorate all over the place, including table cloth, centerpiece, and a few banner things. (My hanging abilities were slightly poor). It was soooo awesome! And so sweet! :wub: I wish I had gotten a picture of it. I was planning on taking one the last day, but Brian took it down before I could. So you all will just have to use your imaginations. Picture the BEST way ever to decorate a hotel room for someone’s birthday. That’s how it was. :happy:

So after we got all cleaned up, we headed over to Epcot. We were talking before the trip and decided we both wanted to spend most of our time wandering through all the countries, since we never really got the chance to do that, so that was our main goal for today. But on the way in, we went over to Test Track and grabbed some fastpasses for around 8:00 that night. Then we stopped by the new Club Cool place to see how they updated it. I kind of miss the Caveman, but it was pretty cool. (haha! Get it? Cool? HA!!! haha!!.. ahem… anyways….) We tried all the world cokes (that were working… a lot of them were out of order… bummer) and finally we came to… BEVERLY. Wow. I haven’t had this in a while. I remember it being bad, but omg. BAD. I was practically twitching after I drank my one little sip. Some guy next to me looked over and said, “Beverly, eh?” I managed to pull off a convincing “oh it wasn’t so bad” for Brian, who then took his turn facing it. A lot of good taste buds died that day…real shame…and to think their last flavors on this planet was BEVERLY…yucko! Seriously, if you hate someone a lot…buy them a case of Beverly…they will know right away…ooo even more fun would be to change the labels…hahaha…well anyways, to have more fun with our experience, we decided to take some not so flattering pictures of Brian…kinda like a before BEVERLY and after BEVERLY. The pictures should explain what I mean.[/B]


AWWWW Baloo you are such a sweetheart!


I love the got Pez shirt! Did you know that Pez is made in Connecticut? Well, now you do…ok…more TR please!


Brian is a Coke FANATIC. He wishes real Cokes came in this size.


[B]And then we had our fun…

Before Beverly:[/B]


[B]After Beverly:

(When we looked at this one on my comp instead of on my tiny camera screen, we saw that the light flashed off the trash bag and made this scene look startlingly realistic… :blow: … but I promise, no Baloos were harmed in the taking of this picture.)[/B]


Where’s the “After”?


Oh, you were too quick for me!


hahahaha…it does look real! I’m glad it isn’t though…being sick at WDW is no fun!


LOL, I am loving this TR–you two are just too darn cute!

I have a salad and a coke here and I’m ready for more!