Finally saw all Herbie movies!


i must be such a dork for having a subscription to netflix for a year and within the past month, finally seeing all the herbie movies, including fully loaded. i sat through “herbie goes bananas” today and that is the only one out of all of them that i just didn’t like. i really like jim douglas driving herbie and feel sort of robbed watching HGB without Jim Douglas. but, i can safely say I finally saw all of the herbie movies.


Good for you! I haven’t seen the older Herbie movies in years but I remember liking them. I tried to talk my DS into watching the first one after the new Herbie movie came out but he wanted something else that night.

I think I need NetFlix.


netflix is so convenient. i’ll be able to see all the other disney live action movies that i haven’t seen yet. i can’t wait.


You’ve talked me into looking at it. We only have 1 video store where I live and the selection isn’t great so it we would get a lot of use out of it.


i get so much use out of netflix. you can even rent the disney chronicles, those movies in the tins. they keep recommending them to me. sing a longs, too! just about anything disney you can rent from netflix!


I’m glad you got to experience all the Herbie movies!:happy: They are pretty fun films, aren’t they?! After Captain Amelia, Herbie is my next favorite Disney character!!:cool: