Finally saw "Ratatouille"


being that i work at a day care, we made a trip to the local mall today to see “Ratatouille”. i enjoyed it very much. I thought it was really cute and done really well. brad bird did another great movie. the kids enjoyed it as well. they laughed quite a bit.


Yay! Glad you were finally able to see it and that you enjoyed it!


Actually, I haven’t seen it yet… :blush:

It showed up two weeks ago, and I’ve been too busy to head over and enjoy.

Might do that tonight…



Coolage. :cool:


It is a really cute movie. Everyone in our family enjoyed it.


i remembered today at the movies that i received an e-mail a while back from the disney rewards program about keeping your stubs when seeing “ratatouille” and getting points for them. so, i had 8 tickets today and when i went to look how to submit my ticket stubs, the website had me print out an application and when it asked how many stubs i have, the maximum was 4. i was bummed. i have 4 more tickets left i would like to get points for but the website wouldn’t let me get another application for them. should i include the other 4 with the first set in hopes of getting more points?


Well, we went to see Ratatouille and really enjoyed it. :cool:

They did an excellent job with the food, I have to say…I was wondering who their food consultants were, but then I saw Thomas Keller and The French Laundry and Le Taillevent…no wonder the food was impressive! :wub:

But after seeing the trailer for Wall.E I really wanted to hear the rest of “Brazil.” :laugh:


I really enjoyed the movie too


We liked it too . . . the graphics always amaze me!! :smile:


One of the funnier movies I have seen this year… :wub:

Can’t believe it took so long for the movie to get down here…


I think they spent too much time setting up the story. Once it got going and all the rats joined in, the movie really got fun. It just could have used some more editing in the beginning. (Might have saved me that quick nap I took :biggrin:)


i’ve also been meaning to see this and haven’t gotten around to it yet. would be nice to see something uplifting for a change…seems everything on tv is a reality show or just depressing.