Finally The Site Is Done Go Look!


I have my pin site completely updated hope you enjoy! The pics aren’t as great of quality just because of a different camera, but they look great! I also have made a message board for the site now! Click the link if you want o sign up and post! Enjoy!



That looks like a great website! You put a lot of work into it!


Cool! :cool:

By the way, I like the hongkongblackbelt part of the site! :wink:


Big surprise…I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise!!! :rolleyes: :tongue:

Oh…BTW…Your site is cool! :happy:


Very cool c-palace!!! I don’t collect pins really but your “cruella- mgm motor parade 2001” pin is very cool!! Keep collecting!!!


ROFLOL!!! :laugh: Just don’t do it before your next WDW trip!!! Cool web site - I love Cruella, too!


:ninja: Do I detect a hint of mockery in your typing? :ninja:

Eat toe jam, Peppertink! Kiiiiiii-Yaaaaaaiiii!!!

[COLOR=White]X:ninja: _XXXXXXXXXXXX:noo:XX
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]My kung fu is too weak for Goof Father’s karate!
X/ o.o____XXXXo_
X// /./–,XXXo’/

:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

But I must admit that I am sad that I now cannot make a website with that same name… :pinch:


Mockery???..Me??? Never! :wink:


It is too late to try to wiggle free of the cage match… We will meet in the octagon and we will see who mocks who! :ninja:

Peppertink, I will take your pin collection after I defeat you. :ninja: I will give them to orphans. Except for any with Goofy, those I will donate to me. :tongue:

c-palace, perhaps you can referee our cage match? And I offer my sincerest apology for momentary thread-jacking.

Those motor parade pins are quite nice. Are there more to that series???


hey awesome site! :happy:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Epcot spinner pin! So awesome!


The hongkongblackbelt part is because I am a black belt in taekwondo. I really am. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Goof Father: The mgm parade ones there are 3 more that I am hunting down for, but they are really rare to find :(. And I haven’t been to the parks for trading so everyone if you could keep your eyes out for them thanks. :slight_smile:


I love the Cruella pins. What an awesome job you did on your website too!


Thank you, I’m trying to steer away from Cruella and try to start some new categories ( :P), but ya I did spend some time on it thanks for noticing everyone! :wub:


What sort of prompted me to ask is that I am pretty sure I looked at some of those (and maybe more) in a trader’s collection at DL. She was sitting near Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Orbiters trading pins. They caught my eye a bit because they are pretty cool… :cool:


Ya that’s why I like them…and its frusturating that their so rare it’s hard to find. :dry:


Cool website. My favorite is the Dopey name pin.


Great site! You did a fabulous job with it. :heart: