FINALLY! We set our WDW trip dates


Ok guys. We’ve finally pinned down some dates for our 2006 WDW trip. We’re going from 19 May - 29 May. Since we stay with family down there, the whole time thing doesn’t really apply to us, that’s why we’re just now getting around to deciding on some dates. We’re gonna be doing Hoop-D-Do, and we’ll be doing 2 weekends of Star Wars Weekends, so we’re really excited about that. But that’s about all we have planned so far. So…here’s y’alls assignment. What’s some of your favorite things to do in WDW in May?

Oh…and Ginger and Tessa can count on seeing me too… Aren’t y’all lucky? :laugh:

Anybody else gonna be around during the same week in May?


Hog -man, we have to find out who has the book, so you can sign it with some words of wisdom. Disney will have about 13 days to put things back together before we hit it.


Yay! You’re going to DisneyWorld!! Yay!! Some Mickey toast all around!


Congrats, Dew Drop!!! Excellent news :c)


YAY, awesome! Now you need to get a countdown in there so we can all share in your FAST APPROACHING excitement!


We should be floating around during that time as well. May is a great time to visit, especially to check out the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot!


That’s great news Dad! :angel: Those dates are perfect for me. :tongue:


Great dates, Dew, we’ll be there around the same time. Have fun planning the rest of your trip.


2 SWW?? You lucky dog! Congrats on setting the dates :mickey:


Congrats to you!


Awwwwww-man… That woulda been awesome if we’d been down at the same time. Oh well… I’ll try to leave the "World’ in good condition for ya…but like ya said, at least you have a 13 day buffer… :laugh: I definitely want to find out where the DC book is at that time…


You’re wish is my command… Only 70 days… WOW! I didn’t realize it was that close… I’m so excited… :biggrin:


Yay for you and your family Hoggy!!!


I LOVE the F&G Festival… I’m so excited we’ll get to see it again. It’s been about 4 years since the last time I saw it…


YAY Dewey!!!

Can’t wait to see you and your gang :biggrin: how old is your son again? Because my sister will most likely be there visiting me with her (by then) 3 year old…awwww


I know… I’m excited to see you too… Remember, you promised to smuggle a steak from your fancy Canadian steak joint into my popcorn… :laugh:

JD just turned 3 in Feb…almost the same age as your sis’s kid… :wink:


I think i can make the sacrifice and come for a day just to meet you,Dew-Man!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:


Hey Dewboy:
Do you know what dates you will be at SWW?


Have a great time! May is a nice time to go, the temps are just right. How nice to stay with family; that sure cuts down on the expense. Enjoy!


Glad to see your counter back.
We are just going to miss ya, heading back home on May 13th.