made my reservations to go back to WDW for 11 days :happy:

Party of 3 to stay at PC for 11 days!!! Of course, this means I wont get any sleep with all the excitement and all the planning I am going to do. :pinch: I’m already too excited to sleep. :tongue:


Ya-hoooo!!! Congrats, FA!!!


YEA!! Now that you have your resort booked I can’t wait to see the rest of your plans.


thanks bali & DT I cant wait to see the rest of my plans either :laugh:


great news FA! Now that the trip is booked it seems so real doesn’t it. Don’t lose too much sleep,and have fun planning!


Yeah, FA!!! Can I go with you? I don’t eat much, and I don’t take up much room.


Ok caver, but only if its ok with Lil, plus you bring spending money :tongue:


Lil’ said no, but I’m working on her.


Lil gets to come too of course and the kids :wub: who are adorable.


Planning is half the fun!!! Hope you do get some sleep though!!!


YAY FA!!! Can’t wait to see you :biggrin:


Thats right you are there :huh: I totally forgot :rolleyes: Hopefully Ill be able to see some more dcers when i go :biggrin:


Awesome FA! I am assuming that is the countdown on the right side of your signature?

When are you going?


Congrats, FA! :c) Good for you :c)



:happy: Wow…11 days…Yay for you!


Jeez. I’m offline all weekend and look what I miss!!

Woohoo–so happy for you!! :smile:


Happy Planning! I just LUV planning WDW trips!


:mickey: Congrats FA! :mickey:


Way to go FA!! I am mostly happy and a little jealous–LOL!!


You are correct! I am going from dec 12-23 :pinch: :eek: the crowds!! :eek:, but I just love that time of year. :wub: