Nine days til our flight to WDW, finally the single digit dance for me. We’ve only been once before and that was before I found all of the terrific people on Mousebuzz. I’ve seen many go before me and have been excited for them ,and now it’s my turn. Thanks to all for being so nice to me and making this a fun and informative place to be.


:goofybounce: Congratulations… single digit dancing is the best!!:goofybounce:


Happy Dancing Lynn!
I hope you have a fantastic trip and take LOTS of pictures for your TR!


Have a wonderful time…I wish I was going.


Have a wonderful time and make sure you come back to tell us how it went :smile:


Shall We Dance?

Well - duh - OF COURSE! Single-Digit Dancing is the BEST! Have a super time!:happy:


Congrats, I wish I was single digit dancing!! You are going to have a fabulous trip, Can’t wait to see your trip report!


I love single digit dancing!!!


Congrats to you all lynn! I am excited for you!!


Shake it! Gotta love the single digit dance:)

Have a wonderful time!


have a magical trip


Aw, Lynn! What a really nice post. That is the exact kind of post I needed today!
Put on those dancing shoes, girl!


Enjoy your single digit dancing and ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!! We can’t wait to hear all about it!


Congrats on the dance, Lynn!!! I’m sure you’re just super excited!! I think the last 9 days are the hardest to wait!!! You’ll have a wonderful trip, I’m sure!


Have a great trip and make some magical memories!!


that is great news, I am so pleased you are single digit dancing now. Thanks for your lovely comments too, I have always said this forum must be one of the nicest, caring and informative sites there is out there. Have a wonderful trip and magical christmas x


Have a great trip, I would love to be there for Christmas!