I finally leave this THURSDAY!!! YEA!!!:laugh: I am soooo EXCITED!

16 days of Disney magic!! Thanks for all the input again guys!!! Be watching for a trip report!!:happy:


Finally, a font size I can read without glasses.

I’ll just stay home and eat leftovers from our memorial day BBQ :crying:, no no it’s ok, don’t feel bad for me, go on that fabulous trip without me…

It sounds like a wonderful time for you, have a great time.


have a super time! take a ton of pics to share with us all!


I hope you have a super great time!

We hope to see some trip reports when you get back, and lots of pictures (hint hint!).



Have a great time!! Take tons of pics!


Have a great time. We leave next Monday. Would love to meet up if you have a chance. PM me if you’re interested.


Have Fun Fun Fun!!! SO jealous!! :mickey:


Have a FANTASTIC time, I can’t wait to hear all about the cruise.


Have a great trip!!




Thanks Guys!!!



Pick up where the family and I left off !!!:mickey:

Have an AWESOME TIME !!!


Have fun and we’ll be waiting for the TR when you return or sooner


Have a


Have fun on the Magic!!!




Make sure to take lots of pics! And bring a journal for your Trip Report! I can’t wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT!!! :happy:


Takes lot of pictures on the cruise, we are going to start planning our first cruise with Disney when we get back from this Disney Vacation!


So now I am down to 24 hours!!! Yay!!

I have a busy day ahead of me!!

First, I am off to take my dog to the kennel. This will be his first time in a kennel, I hope he does OK!!:crying:
After that I have to go to my DS 6th grade continuation(like graduation)!:happy:
Then off to finish up money stuff for the trip.
Then I have to work :pinch::glare::pinch: But only a half day!!
Tonight I have to get my nails done:blush:, then recheck everything!!! Then go to bed and be ready for the car to pick us up at 6:30am!!!

I really do not believe I made it!! Work and life has been soo hectic, I thought for sure it was never going to get here!!:laugh:


Have a magical time!!! YOU MADE IT now relax and enjoy!!! And remember take lots of pictures to share with the rest of us feeling like we will never make it!!! The rest of us will live through you and your wonderful trip


Have a great time. Hope the weather is better for you. Getting antsy myself, leaving June 5th for 8 days… Will it ever get here??? Why does it seen time slows to a snails pace as a Disney trip gets closer?? Send a bunch of Pics…