I FINALLY got the pin for free dining during our trip. Only catch is that it was attached to a different email & the pin itself wasnt actually on it.

When I called WDW Irvin (who by the way had NOT good CS! he interrupted me at least 3 times and did NOT understand I wanted to know the total price difference between the regular dining and deluxe) he said that in order to get the pin# I have to call my travel agent and they have to call Disney. Of course, my TA is no where to be found. I have to say I am a little disappointed with Destinations in Florida recently.

Anywho, the point of this thread was that I am now BEYOND thrilled that I got that pin. It couldnt have come at a better time (Im assuming its bc I ordered the vacation DVD) since DH and I contemplated canceling the whole thing.

Yay for FREE DINING!:heart::heart::heart:


Really… that is great. Can I ask what the expiration date is?


I have to book by 7/28 but they gave me a bunch of dates thru the end of December to use it!


For arrivals most nights 9/30–10/4/12; 10/19–11/1/12; 11/9–11/15/12; 11/23–11/29/12; 12/10–12/13/12.


Yeah for you!


Good for you I have yet to receive a pin and really need one planning on going in December. I have been going to Dusney for the past 8 years and still not one pin. Crossing my fingers. Come on pixie dust.


Slight road block. Apparently Disney sent out a ton of emails w/o the actual pin in it. So my TA has to wotk her magic! I hope she does it well! Lol we need that extra $$$


The actual pin is attached to your name or address and is totally random. The video has nothing to do with it. These pins have started popping up today and have been circulating since two weeks ago. None of my clients have received one yet.


According to my TA it wasn’t attached to the email or name either. I was told by the guy I spoke with at Disney that they sometimes do that to people who have booked through other agencies. All I know, is that the free dining that was offered to me better be able to be given to me!


I am sorry, but the guy at Disney is not correct (often happens with Cast Members on the phone as I have found out far to often). That being said, if it’s not attached to an email, address or name, anyone should be able to get that discount because it’s not person specific. I assure you that is not the case. If your TA comes back and tells you that you cannot have that discount, you are being taken for a ride and should cancel and book your own using this pin. If there is no actual CODE to use, then I suggest faxing that postcard/email/whatever to Disney who will honor it.


Did some research for you. Here’s the “buzz” on this code:

[I][B]So far it doesn’t look like this email contains an actual “pin code” with numbers. Rather, you’ll just call Disney or your travel agent and they’ll verify that you are the holder of this promotion. We’re not sure why there are no actual codes and there’s no word on why things are a little different this time.

I think you’ll see this offered “soon” to the general public, but I don’t think it will happen until packages come out in June. It’s also possible that when it is released, it will include dates up through March 2013. Last year’s massive free dining offer came out in early August but we’ve seen it offered as early as July 5th in the past, so expect it any time.

I do think that it’s possible that when the general public offer is released, Thanksgiving weekend will be completely blocked out (you’ll notice that it’s available under the pin offer), so just be wary when you make your plans. If you’ve seen the 2013 bounce back offer, it should look a lot like it.


Thanks Dana. I appreciate the info. =)


No problem:heart:


I just got the email from her stating it saved me $1000 on our trip (actual difference was $708)

When I do all the math, I get a total with almost $250 less than what she did. Hmmmm why?


[QUOTE=DisneyFan722;1111618]I just got the email from her stating it saved me $1000 on our trip (actual difference was $708)

When I do all the math, I get a total with almost $250 less than what she did. Hmmmm why?[/QUOTE]

Something smells funny. Did she upgrade your view or something? I would personally ask for a breakdown of this suppose savings. FREE dining should be way more than $250


Hey dana, I messaged you!


Sent it back to you. Her pricing is correct. I looked up the entire vacation from scratch and it’s correct.



what is Dh and what is a PIN?



what is Dh and what is a PIN?[/QUOTE]

DH = Dear husband PIN is a discount code sent out randomly to people as incentive to buy vacations.


Really?? I didn’t know that.:blush: And I always thought it was Disney-husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad, Sis, bro…:laugh::laugh::laugh: