Finding Nemo Show


For some reson we always miss Finding Nemo. This time we are planning on really trying to see it. What are your thoughts, is it a must see?


It is a must see!! A great show for both adults and kids- very well done!!


We saw it in 2007 and loved it. However, I would not stand in a very long line for a second visit.


LOVED IT! It was one of the highlights of our trip.


The musical? If yes, loved it! Saw it in 2007 an in 2009.


I think it is on par with Lion King and is definitely worth seeing. It is longer than you might expect, but it should keep the kids occupied.


I am probably the dissenting opinion here, but it I wasn’t impressed with it. I was bored the first time (with the exception of the visuals…they are done quite well) but gave it a second try to be sure I wasn’t remembering it wrong.

But nope…it still did nothing for me. I won’t be going back.


I loved it! Of course I LOVE Nemo. I thought it was great.


I am with ddoll. For me, it’s one of those things that I’m glad I’ve done, but I don’t have a burning desire to return. If one of my children say sometime that they would really like to see it again, I will go. Otherwise, I won’t return.


Silly question, but I just can’t picture where it’s at. We have never seen it before, and this thread has got my curiousity going.
I don’t know what the location is called but if you stand in front of EE, it’s to the right ( I always say it’s at the corner ) :laugh:


It’s to the right of EE


I’m glad that I have seen it, not a must have for me, but my DS3 loved it!


It is really impressive. The show is great, the music is great, and it is really cool with the puppets. I listen to the soundtrack all of the time! Do it, do it, do it!


We love the Nemo show!


I thought it was well done but we’re not in a hurry to see it again.


Seams like mixed opinions but what I do see is that you all would do it at least once and some would go back and some would not. I think that we should see it at least once. Thanks for the input!


Everything at Disney is worth doing once. Not everything can be everyone’s favorite, right?
It is a brilliant show. Once every few years is enough :blush:


It is amazing! My neice always loves seeing teh Nemo show. Something you def. have to go to! Before the show starts be sure to try to find Nemo in the bubbles on the sides of teh stage, you’ll see what I mean when you are there! Have an awesome time!


I don’t typically like these types of shows (musicals), but when we were there in January we happened to stumble in to the show at the last minute and I loved it! However, I would probably not go back to see it again because of the show length, but in my opinion it is a must see at least once.


I don’t remember.

It was after an couple hours spent at the German Hall.