Finding Nemo Show


Even though I hate musicals, I felt this was well done and would sit thru it again with the kids!


I am also in the minority here. I was bored out of my mind and could not wait for it to end. I love the Lion King show, but the Nemo show did absolutely nothing for me. I think it is the only thing in all of Disney that I have no desire to ever do again.


We love it!! We listen to the sound track all the time too!


Hey everybody…this is my Brother!!! I think this Disney thing is starting to run in the family!


Awww you got a family thing going on, that’s nice.


Yes, I have to admit that this last trip got me hooked (along with your guidance…). :happy:

:pirate: Arrrr!


Absolutely! :happy: You put it perfectly: everyone needs to try things for themselves.


well worth the wait for the 1st time to see it,

However if you go in late they usually get better seats than those who line up they pack you in like sardines:laugh:


My DD and I love it!


Love Love Love it :wub:


I think this has always been a very mixed bag as far as reviews but I have to say it is always something that my family and I will make a point of seeing when we are there. Personally I think it is a great show and can’t say anything bad about it at all. Bar the queuing to get in to it in the 1st place! Other than that which really is a minor quibble, I love it. Go see it- Im certain you will like it. :happy:


Personally, I love it. The music and costuming, the puppets, everything is done incredibly well. But it is very long…I will definitely see it again, but maybe not every year.


yes it is a must see !!!
i did it for the first time a few years ago, and now we have to every year!!!