Finding Nemo the Musical


The Theatre in the Wild will reopen around Nov. 12 with a musical featuring Nemo. I know I am probably in the minority but I really loved Tarzan and am glad I have the show downloaded thanks to our bud Ready2Go. I am excited about the new show!! My next trip is Nov. 8, hopefully I will get a sneak peak.


Nearly every single day I’m on a boat that comes out right beside the theatre, and it gets more and more complete. They’ve really enclosed it and got it up very quickly.


You’re not alone, I really loved Tarzan too and am sad it has closed. However I am totally psyched that there is a Nemo show going in it’s place. There will always be differing views on whether Nemo belongs in AK but I for one am chuffed and as long he is somewhere and the magic is alive then I could not care less where he goes!


I agree Ariel, anytime there is something new at DW I don’t care where it is, I just want to be there!!!


If you are in the minority, I’m right there with you. I loved that show.


I only saw the show once and didn’t like it that much I must admit. However I am excited about the Nemo show. I still think it would have fit better in EPCOT, but…


Yeah I thought The same thing !
I don’t think Nemo realy fits in at the Animal Kingdom !


I know that I am not the normal when I say that I have no intention of seeing this show. I don’t do many shows at WDW at all excpet for the 3d’s ones and of course The voyage of little mermaid. I have never seen lion king or tarzan…lol is that horrible or what? Sitting in a crowded theater does nothing for me. I would much prefer to run from one attraction to the next…lol