Finish this sentence


I want to make a list of clever insider jokes that only hard core Disney World travelers who “get it” would pick up on. I would like to possably put them on the back of a tshirt to wear to the parks.
this is the sentence:
I have been to Walt Disney World so many times I…

here are some examples of what I am looking for

I have been to Walt Disney World so many times I…have survey takers at the front gate greeting me by name.
don’t use maps… haven’t in years.
am changing my name so my initials will read MCO.
have 407-wdw-dine programmed in to my cell phone.
know where to find the closest bathroom in any park.
can point with 2 Disney fingers.
have an AP and live over 1000 miles from “The World”
know when the 3 o’clock parade starts.
take the “sworn to secrecy oath” very seriously after being backstage.
can travel from resort to resort under 90 minutes using WDW transportation.
know where buy WDW shirts at the off property outlet store to save a bundle.
own a house that rival’s The World Of Disney for character merchandise.
only need to go to Europe to see Disneyland Paris.
Can instantly distinguish Chip from Dale at a crowded character breakfast from across the room.
finally bought a washing machine from Appliance Direct.
have cast members asking ME for directions.
have permanent vocal damage because of Bob Jackson.
regularly greet people with “jambo!”.
never ask for the catsup at Whispering Canyon.
know when to shout out “A WHOLE CAN?”.
have found all the Mickeys.
still sing Vegi, Vegi, Fruit, Fruit in the shower.
have the friends and family of people I know call me to ask for trip advice.
know the best places to sit for Spectromagic and Illuminations…Don’t ask because I am not telling.
got a Disney Visa Card just so I can rack up the reward points for my next Disney trip.
have a section in my closet reserved for WDW park apparel.
can easily identify the backside of water.
included “Por favor, mantenganse allejado de las puertas” in my wedding vows.
have a brick.
fully understand what DDP, MNSSHP, TT, BTMRR, EE, SE, SM, VOTLM, mean.
can lip sync the entire Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.
have Dole Whip running through my veins.
know NOT to drink the Beverly
have officially named my basement the Utiladoors.
know where to find “a net full of jello”.
have photos of no wand, wand, no wand.
still call POLR Dixie Landings.
can find the laughing place.
Have never been spit on by a camel.


Those are fantastic. I wouldn’t know what to add. :smile:
The best one is the last one–the camel one :laugh:


I don’t have anything to add but I have an AP and live more than 1,000 miles from WDW and one of the barbers remembered us from past trips.


I have been to WDW so many times…

… I must look “at home” b/c a guest asked me “Where can I buy an autograph book” while at the P&PP.

… I don’t even care how many times I go into the parks on any given trip.

… I laugh when the Disney Dining line asks me to “Press 1” if I’ve visited more than 5 times.

… I can’t even keep track how many times I’ve gone.

… I don’t even bother to find “my brick” in front of the MK or “my picture” in EPCOT anymore.

… I could draw detailed maps without looking at ANY reference photos.


:laugh: :laugh:

OH MY GOSH, those examples above CRACKED ME UP!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Not ONLY do I have WDW’s Dining line programmed in my cell I ALSO have Disneyland’s dining in there too!! :laugh:

HAHAHHAA, and Daniel and I quote the Appliance Direct family ALL THE TIME… “it must be your DISWASSSA!” :laugh:

Oh my gosh, and I SOOOO have about 5 pieces of clothing that ONLY gets used when traveling to Disney parks. :laugh:

We also sometimes PURPOSELY put large purches on my Disney Visa JUST to get the rewards points then send the CC company cash! :laugh:


I have special sandals that I keep in the original box, just for WDW trips.


Those are great and I have an AP and live more than 1,000 away. :laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: I love these. True confessions: I’m still a relative rookie to WDW. I’m not entirely sure what some of those mean… :blush:


:blush: I can relate to so many on that list it would be too embarrassing to list them.:blush:


… in between trips my family and I play “the standing in line” game.

… have learned 6 different languages while waiting in line for “Soarinn”.


… that I’ve even found the hidden mickeys in my filings.

…replaced the Birds and Bees speech with the Hidden Mickeys speech. (hehe! can’t actually see that on a Tshirt, unless it’s at Hot Topic.)


… Disney has named a new attraction after me and my family: Honey I Shrunk Our Savings Account!


My favorites are the survey takers one, dining, and camel. Those are the funniest.


my fav is the whip running thru my veins one.

… involuntarily raise my arms and scream when I ride elevators!


love that.

Whenever I’m going up an elevator in a tall building, and it stops and the doors haven’t opened, yet, I always say, “And this is when we drop…”

One time, this little girl looks at her mom and says, “We’re going to drop?”

hehehe… I’m a mean one.


oh you’re bad! hehe.

If I am on rides with school age kids, I always pretend to whisper (LOUDLY) to my companion something like “is this the one where the kid got his feet squished?” And then there’s the expression on their faces. Heheheheehheee!


This is a forum of learning. just quote the ones you don’t know and we will fill you in.


Hey that’s pretty funny . . . these are all so good!! :laugh:


Spectro, I just sent you a p.m. about printing up some tshirts.


The kids learned this from auntie Bdavis93s…so we do it too now.

Every time we drive down a steep hill, we turn on the windowshied sprayer and yell “Splash Mountain”!!!

We can relate to so many listed above too, including being AP holders and being about 1200 miles away!!