Fireworks and Dinner?


I’ve read little bits and pieces here and there about fireworks and dinner. I was wanting to know where and what time. We are going in Oct-Nov., if that makes a difference. Also I was wanting to know if coral reef is really that bad. I know it’s probably a separate question. I did read some on someone else’s recent thread and it did’nt sound promising. I wonder if I should change my mind on that one. Thanks


Well, first of all, which fireworks are you referring to? At Epcot? At Magic Kingdom? That will help with the answer.:smile:


That’s just it. I don’t know. Do all the parks have fireworks everynight?


One of the best fireworks/dinners I’ve done is watching the fireworks at MK while dining at California Grill. They dim the lights and pipe in the music from the show. It’s really very nice and the food is very good.


At Epcot, people are fond of viewing Illuminations from the Rose and Crown.

I also believe that you can see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom from Ohana which is at the Polynesian.


Yes, I was going to suggest this too.

BTW…MK and Epcot have fireworks. AK and DHS do not. Although DHS has Fantasmic.


DHS has the “Fantasmic Diner Pkg.”

you might want to check that out.

also doa “youtube” search for Disney Fantasmic…it will bring up videos of that show so you can see what it is all about! :C)

Fantasmic Dinner Package FAQ


I liked Coral Reef, I would go again this year, but couldnt get ADRs for the night we needed. Rose n Crown is a great place to watch the firwoeks, we did that last year. Rown n Crown has the BEST fish n Chips. I did get ADRs this year. We made them for 7:50. Make sure to show up early, and ask for a seat outside. Good Luck!


They now make it clear that they no longer take requests for seating. Before our last trip, they would just tell you you were not guaranteed an outside seat, now they say you can’t make any requests.


October is a good time to go to EPCOT, as it is the food and wine fest. You can eat/drink around 12 additional worlds and catch Illuminations. As for the Coral Reef, it has been a while since we have eaten there. The food was very good, but reservations will help take the hassel out.
Good luck!


I enjoyed Coral Reef last year when I went. I had a fabulous server and ended up being the ‘table of the day’. The only down-side was that my wait to be seated was 30 min. I almost walked out but after the meal was soooo glad I didn’t. The dining experience made up for the wait and have booked it again for our upcoming trip.


For MK fireworks we like going to Ohana…but be sure to schedule a time during your trip where you can see the fireworks from standing in the parks as well. They are beautiful from Ohana but nothing is like being right there.
Rose and Crown is probably the best spot for viewing Epcot fireworks. I got engaged there so I am a little biased but it’s very nice. For what it’s worth…I’ve eaten there every trip and I’ve never requested sitting outside and I have every time.


Why even take that time when there’s already a stickied thread in the WDW theme park forum with links to higher quality videos of all the fireworks shows and Fantasmic?
Right at the top of page 1.


We dine at Coral Reef every year. The food was good as was the service. The only problems we’ve had is that every year we dine there we are there to celebrate my DS’s BDay and every year they mess up the order for his cake. First time the cake was frozen (they never took it out of the freezer) & didn’t tell us until it was time for desert, then the last time they never answered the phone or returned the call for the 48 hour cake confirmation so we had to have one of the premade cakes.


A little biased?:closedeye
Granted there’s like 1000% sentimental value to Rose and Crown for you, but the menu is nothing special.
It is one of the better views, I’ll give you it’s your favorite, but I’m not really sure if it’s “the one best place”. Some of the best views are at the top of the lagoon on an arc that stretches from Mexico through Canada. The only place to eat in this area that has a view is the cantina opposite the Mexico pavilion, but it’s a counter service walk up. Tokyo Dining in Japan has big windows, but the view of the globe is blocked by the arch in the water. You can go outside and watch from the balcony that runs around the building. I’m not sure how good the view is, but Bistro de Paris has some window tables. Pretty much the rest of Epcot is inside a building and offers no view of World Showcase Lagoon. Coral Reef is famous for it’s aquarium. Le Cellier, or, The Cellar pretty much says what that is. Tutto Italia has no windows that face the lagoon. Teppan Edo is a group of interior rooms. Chefs de France has windows, but the view of the lagoon is obstructed by trees, shrubs, and people. Nine Dragons has a couple windows that look in the right direction, but they’ve been getting consistent “ehh” reviews. Mexico’s San Angel Inn is “innside”.
So, yeah, your two choices in Epcot are Tokyo Dining and Rose and Crown. Illuminations is at 9 PM every night, 9:30 every night between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Illuminations is best experienced outside. Most nights you can still find good viewing locations 20 minutes before the show.
Depending on where you are staying, you can always watch Illuminations from the bridge between England and France (stand closer to England) and then walk out to the Boardwalk/Crescent Lake resort area if you’re staying in one of those 5 hotels or if you preposition your car at one of the Disney hotels so you can get back to your hotel after dinner. Flying Fish, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, Shula’s, Big River, ESPN, Todd English’s bluezoo, Spoodles, and the restaurants in the Swan will all seat you at least until 9:30. Or you can walk out to the Beach Club and get the bus to DTD and eat down there. This way, you’ll be able to get a bus back to your own resort after dinner. Remember, there are no buses that run from resort to resort, other than resorts that share buses.


England, you can sit out side and watch the fire works, you need to make a late dinner rev.


Thanks for your replies. I will have to figure out my plan to try and include them in my dinner plans. as far as you tube and linking on to other threads to watch video’s on the fireworks, that is not an option. I have dial up! Thank you.


What time should I try to book an ADR at the California Grill, so that we can see the fireworks at MK? We will be there May 9-20th. I can’t seem to find any info on the times of the fireworks.