Fireworks Dessert Party has been extended 'til 12/29


Did they change the price again? Or was it $19.99 and $9.99? Has anyone been since the changes? Would love feedback! :heart:

Read this on The Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party has been extended through December 29, 2009. The party is held nightly one hour before Wishes starts at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station and includes a dessert buffet and exclusive viewing area. Offerings for special dietary needs will be available. Reservations are not required, but are strongly suggested. Call (407) WDW-DINE to make reservations. Seating is limited. Space permitting, seating for walk-ups may be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The price (including tax) is $23.42 for guests 10+ and $12.77 for guests 3 to 9. Park admission to Magic Kingdom Park is required. The Disney Dining Plan is not currently being accepted. Prepayment will be required reserving seats for this event in advance.


$23.42 with tax would be somewhere around $21.99 without.
I thought the price had gone up to $25 for adults.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;995981]$23.42 with tax would be somewhere around $21.99 without.
I thought the price had gone up to $25 for adults.[/QUOTE]

When this information was first posted close to a month ago several were “estimating” whether or not around $50 for 2 adults would be worth it. That’s probably where the “about” $25 hike came from.


I found my old post:

It was $17.99/adult and $9.99/child originally!


Well there must be a demand for it, if they have extended it. Just too much for my budget. :frowning:


As much as I want to do this I just don’t think I can squeeze it in to our already jammed schedule.


$17.99 was worth it but I am not sure I would now pay $23.42, the view is terrible in my opinion (I like a straight on vantage point of the castle for photos), and I only ended up eating two small plates of dessert. The desserts WERE excellent and it was nice not having to worry about “getting a spot.” It was good to experience once but I probably wouldn’t pay for it again.


Will they offer this on MVMCP nights?


I was debating that with myself just now. It is very steep. I mean who can eat more than one piece of the sweet concoctions. And I am not sure that I want to pay that much for a seat to watch the fireworks. Although…:blink::huh::blink::huh::redface:

I bet it won’t be held on the nights were they have the MVMCP or would they?


seems as though there was a thread last month that explained the price hike. It had something to do with the number of guests being limited to 30 or something like that now. Apparently with so many hitting the bar it left very few desserts available. Who was that, disteacher, miss dis. Can’t remember. Only can think of Mr. Ed.:happy:

edit to add thread. found it, wasn’t who I thought.:blush:


Ok, I just tried to get a reservation and they are completely helpless over there. My CM could not figure out why she couldn’t make the reservations for me. Could not figure out why her computer would show that there’s a MVMCP going on on the 18th, when that is not a party date. Very confused.
I am going to hold off with that until we get there. Maybe I can get a reservation through the concierge. If so good, if not also good.


Did you try to book it online?


nope. :blush:


The dessert party is not offered on every night that the fireworks are shown, only on selected nights.

Yes the dessert party is also offered on selected MVMCP nights.

I made reservations for Dec. 8th during the MVMCP, but couldn’t get the 7th an extra magic hours night.

I have never been but believe it is worth at least one visit to experience it.


Yikes!:eek: Dont know if I want to pay that X 2!!!


We went last Saturday night - it was great. They had a list that was no more than 2 1/2 pages long with party names; I bet there could have been no more than 45 parties. Most parties were of 2-4 people. The desserts were not never ending, but they were great and plentiful. We all really enjoyed the VIP seating for Wishes…we had crammed and craned to see the Spectro parade another night, and the crowds were TERRIBLE that night, so we were so pleased to have such a great view and no crowding! We had such a good table, we could sit and see 90% of the fireworks - and we saw Tink up real close, it was awesome! The price did seem high, until we got the checks for the plain old counter service fried food that was close to that price, and MUCH more enjoyable! Loved it!


Can you even do that? I was looking but couldn’t find it to book. I can’t find it on Disney’s site at all.


They should serve beer.

$25 for Beer and a show is good.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;997237]They should serve beer.

$25 for Beer and a show is good.[/QUOTE]

I thought Alcohol was banned in MK


no you cannot book it online. And of course, you have to pay for it when you make that ADR