Fireworks from California Grill


Hello all!

We will be at Disney during Thanksgiving week and are on the Dining Plan. DH and I are planning on eating at the California Grill our last night (we did it on our last trip and the food and service were phenomenal!!)

My question is this: do they still do the piping in of the music from the Fireworks display over at the Magic Kingdom?

Thanks so much!


Yes they do…We had res. for 9:00pm 11/23/05 and it was just right for the fireworks. :smile:

IF you are going to eat there before Thanksgiving day you should make ADR’s for 8 to 8:30 because “Wishes” starts at 9pm until Thanksgiving Day then it starts at 10pm through the weekend. :smile:


Welcome to MB! What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!