Fireworks from the beach?


We won’t be their till next spring, but I’m obviously planning ahead :happy: We want to eat at O’hana’s the first night we get there and want to go watch the fireworks from the beach. So, can you hear the music from that location? Is it better to make a later ADR and stay inside the restaurant? Does the water parade run all year? Before or after the fireworks? Anyone else done something like this? Phew, a lot of questions I know, but I’m really excited and the whole group is depending on me and I want to get things right!:happy:


We had a wonderful evening one trip, with early ressies at 'Ohana, then fireworks from the beach. We could not hear music (just the occasional tiny bit, if I remember correctly), and we got to the beach too late for the water parade. But it was so special to sit in a hammock with the kids and see the fireworks over the Castle. We took cocktails out there, and the kids had big cookies, and we had the beach pretty much all to ourselves.


If you are facing the pool at O’hanna, go to the left as far as possible. There are speakers which play the wishes music but seem to only be on that left side, or at least they seemed to be only on the left when I was there about three weeks ago. It seemed like thats how it was supposed to be, but maybe the ones on the right just were not working? Can anyone confirm?


The better viewing is on Sunset Point, looking between the two big palms. The beach is pretty good as well. The sad part(s) is (are) the music can only be heard very slightly on the breeze, although sometimes you can hear music if you’re closer to the ferry dock, as some nights they do pipe the music in there and there used to be working speakers (large PA type) on the islands that would make the music audible to those around the Seven Seas Lagoon, but they seem to have been destroyed by Charlie in 2004 and have not been replaced or repaired. In truth, I’m not sure when they stopped using these speakers, but they all became visible after Charlie’s winds.
I’ve never seen or heard speakers on the right side of the Poly’s beach (in front of and to the right of the Hawaii longhouse) and I’ve never watched from anywhere left of the pool or beach.