Hello :pinch:
I am going to take my parents to the WDW from July 4th to July 6th, but I am kind of in agony. :crying:
After I booked the trip, I went back and saw the schedule that they have posted on the WDW web. I recently visited WDW for the first time and really liked it, so I decide to take my parents with me because I figured this might be the last family trip (I will probably move out pretty soon). I really liked the Whishes™ fireworks, but on July the 4th, they scheduled different kind of firework instead of Wishes. I went all the blogs and forums but still do not know which fireworks is the best for me and my parents. I hope this is not my parents’ last time to visit WDW, but at the same time I hope they have best time as possible. So here is the question, if you are a person who is going to the WDW (from July 4th to July 6th) for the first time and gotta choose fireworks between Whishes and Fantasy, which one will you choose? (of course not only the fireworks, but crowd level and all the counts) (If you really have to choose, not something like "you can’t have bad fireworks in WDW).
Thanks!! :happy:


Welcome to Disney Central. Definately go to the 4th of July fireworks at MK. I have heard that they are fabulous. I think you sould be able to catch wishes another night, so don’t dismay. You can have the best of both worlds. So, now that we know that you re going to WDW. Where are you staying? Where are you eating…spill all. We love details around here.


I really don’t think that there is much difference between either fireworks. They are both really good. Welcome to DC!!!


EVERY fireworks spectacular that WDW does is INCREDIBLE! I would go see the special fireworks on July 4th and then catch Wishes another night!!!


The July 4th fireworks will be spectular 100% but if you’ve got your heart set on ‘Wishes’ then you could go the 5th or 6th.

Magic Kingdom on the 4th is going to be a big challenge but could be great fun. With the second SpectroMagic taking place at 12:30 you could have a great but long and crowded day.

bytheway, if you’re the family trip organizer and haven’t made dinner reservations do it now.


YES, MAKE ADRs NOW!!! :eek: It’s only a month away…you could REALLY have a hard time. Let us know your plans!!!


Wow… Thank yall for all the replys!!
I will make sure I take consider you guys wonderful advice.
Alright, so here is my detail schedule…
Since I live in Alabama (Cotton State that is), I decide to start on July 3rd (early in the morning).
I am going to book somewhere near the WDW for just one night.
I am sure whether I want to go to Downtown Disney or not, but I guess I will try.
I hope, I can see the July 3rd fireworks from some distance, but I am not sure I can do that or not.
On July the 4th, we will check-in in the morning (All-star Music that is) and will had to the Epicot. and MK and MGM.


You just can’t imagine how good Disney’s fireworks are until you go to other parks and see what they do. We just returned from Cedar Point and Kings Island. cedar Point does roller coasters like nobody’s business, but the have about the lamest day ender laser/video/fireworks presentation. The fireworks are puny at best, with no report after each burst. The music is a scotchwork, and the images are about as underwhelming. Kings Island was a little better. Well, they shot off a bunch of really big bursts with really concussive reports, but there didn’t seem to be any pacing to it.
After each of these viewings, we quickly returned to our room and watched my DVD of Disney fireworks. But let’s be fair. It’s just so hard to top fireworks that are visually anchored by a castle, or worse still, a Earth replica video projector that spins, opens, and spits flame as fireworks are launched in the round to a score that was written just for this show.
Don’t worry what the show is on the 4th. Just do as I do. Try to race from Epcot to Magic Kingdom or MK to Epcot, whichever park has the earlier show first. Wishes is performed every night and so is Illuminations. Just try to see them as much as you can while at WDW, cause you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.
PS: I caught both Illuminations shows and the 9:00 PM fireworks in the Magic Kingdom on New Years Eve and did Fantasmic, Illuminations, and Wishes on New Years Day. You just have to walk very fast!


Ah… and about the dinner reservations
Where should I go and make resernation?


What time are you interested in eating? What do you like to eat? Are you like me and won’t eat dinner until after all the fireworks shows? Or do you want to eat dinner at 6 PM and then get back to the parks? Most of the sit downs stop seating at 9:45. I’d also suggest you look at the menus over at All Ears
I noticed you mention viewing the fireworks at a distance, I guess that means not in a park. You can see Wishes from the beach at the Poly really well. There’s a 4th floor observation deck at the Contemporary that’s open to the public. There’s always the California Grill atop the Contemporary, but that requires reservations and actually eating dinner up there. You could probably see the fireworks from parts of the TTC, and you might get lucky and watch from one of the ferries that sail between the TTC and the Magic Kingdom. You could see from the Grand Floridian too, but it’s off to the side and you might get semi-obstructed views. There’s always a fireworks cruise for either Wishes or Illuminations, but that’s a premium experience. I would never try to watch Illuminations from outside Epcot. Never.


I like both wishes and illumanations, both are great, I always see both in Nov. Now if I were there on July 4th I would go to MK on the 4th and do wishes and illumanations the other 2 nights.

Illumanations changed from 04 to 05, I remember more fire and more fireworks in 04, seems like it was cut down in 05, but still worth the show.


I agree with the folks above. I don’t see any reason why you can’t see both Wishes and the July 4th fireworks. I’ve never seen the July 4th fireworks show, but I hear it’s AMAZING!!!


I hope they do Wishes and Fantasy thing on the 4th of July, but I don’t think they do that anymore… :noo:
And the thing is that I didn’t add park hopper thing to my ticket which makes me more hard to decide which park to go. :confused:
Are there any public place where I can go to and watch the fireworks?
If there is any place, I think I can try the fantasy thing on July 3rd and go to Epcot on July 4th for Illumanation and go MK on 5th for Wishes and MGM on 6th.


Welcome to DC and I agree with everyone else. I have not seen the 4th of July fireworks but I would do MK on the 4th.


The fireworks in Illuminations are still the same. You didn’t see flame because the inferno barge was out of action from hurricane season 2005 through February of this year. Well, it was supposed to return, but I haven’t been to WDW since the January passholder preview for Expedition Everest.


Oh ok, I did not know that it was damaged, I am gald to hear they didn’t do away with the flames, I loved that part!!


I’ve never been to WDW during July 4th, but I just wanted to welcome you to DC!!!


Welcome to DC magicride! It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful trip! Enjoy ALL the fireworks! You are going to see a pretty spectacular show for the 4th! :happy: :cool: