Are they bringing Magical to replace Remember forever??? Or is it just for the summer???:huh:


As far as I know it’s a replacement.


Nope, “Remember” is supposed to return in the fall. :wub: YAY!


Magical is only supposed to last until the “Summer Nighttastic” promotion ends on August 23rd. Remember…Dreams Come True is then planned to return (the edited version) for the fall and then will be replaced with the holiday fireworks, Believe…In Holiday Magic, and then next year for the 55th Anniversary Disney as of now plans to create a brand new firework show that is planned to stay in the park for a while, like Remember did. Now Im not sure if they will actually do that or if they will just bring back Magical, but as of now, a new firework show is planned for the 55th of Disneyland.