First Dance Song Ideas


My fiancee and I met at Disney while doing our college program and we are in the process of trying to decide where to have our wedding and we know we want to do a disney song as our first dance. We are leaning towards the exit music to illuminations? was wondering what everyone thought. Then the dance for my dad and I we were tossing around doing the exit music to wishes because that fireworks show has huge significance for my dad and I. Then I want to do a special spotlight dance with my little brother we are 10 years apart and im thinking youve got a friend in me or youll be in my heart. I was kind of wondering what everyone thought :slight_smile:


I think You’ve Got A Friend in me is adorable for you and your brothers spotlight dance!


This wasn’t our 1st dance but it was our 1st song together as a couple. Once we were married we left the chapel to “A Whole New World” because we were literally walking out into a whole new world together. That would be an appropriate song for a dance though.


That was DH and I’s our first dance.


“Kiss the girl”


Cute idea! :wub:


Wow a WDW song for your first dance, that is a great idea.


Thanks for all the cute ideas guys :slight_smile:


:heart:“Kiss de girl”:heart:

Circle of life :simba:


When I see an elephant fly

That’s what I’m thinking.


Great idea. Me and my brother danced to Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. Whenever I hear it now I think of my brother and get all teary eyed. Good luck:)


•A Whole New World – Aladdin
•So This is Love – Cinderella
•Can You Feel the Love Tonight? – The Lion King
•Once Upon a Dream – Sleeping Beauty
•Bella Notte – Lady and the Tramp
•When You Wish Upon a Star – Pinocchio
•Love – Robin Hood
•You’ll Be in My Heart – Tarzan


When you wish upon a star…sigh, beautiful!! ( love your first ‘Disney’ dance idea too)


I am loving all these ideas! Thank you so much!


I just went to youtube and looked up love from robin hood super cute. I dont think Ive ever seen this movie or heard this song


[QUOTE=bribren;1070181]When I see an elephant fly

That’s what I’m thinking.[/QUOTE]

lol you must have been at my wedding cause i am sure that’s what i looked like lol