First day - What Park?


Were going to Disney World in July and we are taking a first timer with us. He has never been before and he says that Disney is for kids. I also told him that once you are there even the oldest adults turn into kids.

My question is this. What park do you think we should go to first?

Any ideas??

We have two weeks there and have no idea what to start off with. Should we decided on the day? I used the planner on the Disney website but couldn’t decided what to do first.




A lot of us here feel like a WDW vacation doesn’t actually begin until your first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom! It kind of feels like coming home! I would try to atleast get there for a part of the day, even if you decide to hop later!


If he feels like WDW is for kids, you might want to start him off with Epcot. Out of all the parks, Epcot has more geared towards adults. Then once you get him hooked, you can drag him to MK where the real magic is!


I say save MK for later. Start out with MGM, get him hooked on RnR and ToT.


I guess it really depends on your friend.

In general, MK is most representative of what people associate with WDW.

But what kinds of things does he like? I would also concur with twist that Epcot might be a more effective gateway to WDW for an adult. Taking a newbie on Spaceship Earth first thing in the morning would certainly capture attention.

With that, MK certainly has possibilities. Mickey’s PhilharMagic must be appreciated by anyone, as would Pirates and the “thrill” rides in Frontierland. The Haunted Mansion is a classic.

Either would work.


If he thinks WDW is for kids then MK might not be the best place to start since it’s the most kid friendly. The other 3 parks should be safe. I think Epcot might be your best bet, get Fastpasses for Sorin’ and head over to TestTrack and M:S.


You might want to check here:


Two weeks with a newbie who think WDW is for kids? Ok start him off gradually …slowly exposing him to the magic. I suggest Epcot, AK, MGM and then hitting MK. Redo what he likes the most. Take a day off or two and head to the water parks and definately expose him to the boarwalk and DTD. It’s going to be fine. there is something for everyone there…even the people who think it’s for kids. The key will be to find that.


Ok we normaly start off at the MK but most the mine it is because we live in that area or because we love it ! But i suggest MGM - AK - Or EPCOT


He’ll become a kid again once y’all get there. Most people do. I think going to Epcot and AK first is a good idea. Later in the week he’ll be more ready for MK.


I say Epcot as well. Start out with Soarin’.


EPCOT definitely - esp. if he thinks it’s just for kids.

In fact, I could of bounced Dana’s post. EPCOT, MGM, AK, and finally MK. By the time you get to the MK, it will be ‘quaint’ and not ‘stupid’. :tongue:

And be SURE to get him over to the Boardwalk like Dana suggested! The Boardwalk RULES!


Well we always go to Epcot first and hit Test Track, from there we walk the countries and try Mission Space if the line isn’t bad, if it is bad we get a fast pass.

We always eat before we go to Epcot, usually at the resort, this year it will be OKW.


O.k to throw things off for the past two years we’ve made Animal Kingdom our first park. I guess it feels like a warm up park to the other parks. There isn’t a whole lot to do so it can be done at a more leisurely pace. It also gets us warmed up to the rides, lines, heat and prices. :happy:


We always do Magic Kingdom first, it kinda sets the mood for the whole trip if you know what I mean!


The guidebooks say save the MK for last.

I think a first timer to WDW needs to see Cinderella’s Castle day 1.

Walt didn’t like what sprang up around DL so when the MK was first designed, he specified a buffer between the parking lot and the MK. We’ve all stayed ‘on property’ so manytimes we forget the build up from T&T then the boat or monorail 'til finally you’re there. Main Street USA. Pinch me, smack me, take my picture. I’m at Disney World.


What Dana said!


I think I would do Epcot first!!! I have to agree with Dana’s plan. If he doen’t think WDW is for adults to expose him to MK first would more than likey confirm his suspisions. Either keep it for last or mix it in the middle, but definately not first. We are all fans of anything Disney and yes, it is true, seeing Main Street USA is such an awsome feeling, but to someone who is not really looking forward to doing something because they think it may be too kid oriented, I think would be a mistake. Ease him in and then hit him with it. He will be glad you did!


OK Dana’s just brilliant. :tongue: I was about to make my suggestion, but then I realized Dana said it all. So…what she said!

Get him into Epcot/AK/MGM so he can get a feel for all the wonderful “grown-up” things that WDW has to offer. By the time he’s soaked all that in, he’ll have a little bit more of an open mind about the MK!


As you are coming from the UK, like us, I reckon that you will be awake fairly early (before 5am due to the early night on arrival day - the time difference soon catches upto you, we’ve been awake over 24 hours before!) and should be able to make any park before rope drop. We always hit AK first and do the safari as soon as the park opens to see most of the animals and then hit EE.

Its good to see another Brit here as well, you will love it here. We are all very friendly

If you are staying on property, you could hit the park with early morning EMH as soon as it opens, do all the rides then park hop.