First Disney CMO winner announced!


Justin Muchoney, a member of won the big job!!!

You can watch all the competitions on the video at the official site here.

Disney Dream Jobs - CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO


wow…I hate him…i really do…lol:laugh:


LOL!!! Donald somehow put his name on the winner placard!!! Classic!!!


Now that is a dream come true!


He’s a lively one that’s for sure!


Thanks for the post. It was a lot of fun watching them compete! The announcers were hilarious! Congratulations to Justin!! Looks like he is in for a very fun year!


That is so cool. Good for him.


I voted for him, but I also liked Tripp.


Awesome!!! Anyone remember which video was his?!?!


Blah blah blah blah… they still never even said thank you for entering!


wow…bitter are we?:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


That is so cool!! What a lucky duck!


He was the crazy one who rolled down the sidewalk in his office chair…and then fell off…:laugh:


Click on Justin’s picture and all three pop up :mickey:


Ohh thanks!! I remember thinking that one was cute!

And thanks for the tip Dopey!


I just watched the video and it may me sick thinking it wasnt me but then again I forgot to enter :laugh:


I think the right one got the job. I liked them all tho! Too bad they didn’t need 1 for each park!
I’m a little out of the loop here b/c that’s the only position I heard of them looking ro fill. I want to be on the Moms Panel, I didn’t hear anything about it when they were looking for them. If I only lived closer, I’d be happy just to work there.


Ummm-Maybe, does it show? LOL!!!:laugh: :laugh:


He’s who I voted for. Yay!

I’m not bitter about this because I didn’t try. :laugh: