First ever trip report


ive been putting this off because i miss disney very much:-( the weather was beautiful the whole week! high 80’s not cloudy.

cast-my mom dad and me!

monday- we got to orlando airport at about 1 (an hour later than we were supposed to!) got our bags and then went to the alamo desk to get our car…yea we were there until 3!! i will never rent from them again…the lady was very rude. we got our car FINALLY then we drove to the pop century! wow what a great place! will definately stay there again (the food wasnt great!) we ate some lunch checked out our room. my mom and dad went to the pool but i took a shower. then we went to downtown disney at night. wow i loved it there! we ate at earl of sandwhich! I LOVED IT! then we went back to the hotel around 10 and knocked out.

tuesday-we went to MGM this day because there was an extra magic hour in the morning. the weater was about 83? BEAUTIFUL! i was kind of disappointed in MGM…its mostly shows. there was no great places to eat either. we hit tower and terror, star tours (3 times in a row!) and the rockin rollercoaster (FRONT ROW!) with the blessing of fast pass. what a great invention! my mom and i went back to the hotel for a bit and laid by the pool then i took a shower and we headed back to MGM to meet my dad for dinner. we ate at the back lot cafe or something. food was average. then we did a few more things there then we went to the hotel and collapsed into our beds.

wednesday-MAGIC KINGDOM! i will write about this later…

(get excited! wednesday-monday still to come!)

how am i doing??


great so far!


Sounds like you had a great start! Isn’t it fun to get the front seat on the RnR? I can’t wait to hear more!


Great report. I kinda feel like you about MGM–it’s mostly shows I don’t want to watch and the Backlot tour leaves a lot to be desired. OH well, can’t win them all…


Great TR–I am sorry that MGM wasn’t all you expected…it took DBF and I awhile to realize how great MGM really is…the little things at MGM that arent widely known is what makes it so great…unfortunatly there are no GREAT Counter Service rest. in MGM however the table service is great! Mammas, 50’s Prime Time…etc…


Good job Paltrees!!!



Way to Go!!! I cant wait to hear more about your trip…


Great so far. MGM is a like or love it park. Sorry you didn’t like it. As for food, you just have to know where to go. The counter service is definately same ol’ same ol and nothing special, but ABC Commissionary is the better of the bunch. For a dinner you should have tried Hollywood and Vine or Momma’s. Excellent meals. I am getting off track…sorry. Great report. Don’t keep us hanging. :mickey:


Great so far, I can’t wait to read more.


A first trip report!:heart: That’s awesome. MGM you really do have to get a park map your first visit, otherwise you might miss Muppets 3:D, the Indiana Jones Stunt show, The Great Movie Ride, etc. I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!


Thanks for your report! I’m anxious to read more. Sorry MGM wasn’t up to your expectations - but it was your first time. Once you’ve visited a few times and discovered some of it’s hidden charms, I’m sure you’ll come to enjoy it more. It’s like everything else - it takes getting used to. The first time we visited Epcot I thought “What the heck is this place?” and didn’t like it at all. Now many, many trips later, Epcot is my favourite park.


ok more…

wednesday-we woke up got on the bus to the magic kingdom! it was the day disney was open until 3am for resort guests! we got there and it was so crowded we could barely breathe. rumor has it…2million people were there that day? and they had the close the gates halfway through the day. as soon as i got in i got a fast pass to splash mountain. then we made our way over to pirates of the carribbean (i love that ride so much!) then to the magic carpets ride. then it was time to ride splash mountain. it was so different from disneyland, i was a little disappointed. then we got fast passes to space mountain, we had to wait like 5hours. so it was hot and crowded so we went back to the hotel and laid by the pool for a few hours then i showered and the maid made me a person made out of a washcloth. it was so cute! (ill post pictures when i get them back!) then we showered and went to earl of sandwhich! then went back! (it was still like 85º at 7:30) we went on space mountain. i love that ride! then we walked around for a while and went on some random rides. then we saw wishes. i was in AMAZEMENT! when tinker bell comes down…i had like tears in my eyes. so amazing. then we went on dumbo and kid puked right next to me…which was lovely. then the teacups which i love. then thunder mountain. i laughed so hard. then i was starting to get tired…so we left and then ALL THE CHARACTERS COME OUT! it was like 1:30am. donald mickey minnie goofy chip dale. so i ended up back at the hotel at like 2:30am.

thursday-we woke up to go to epcot! (even though i was beat) it was beastly hot that day. i forget what we did there. we did like figment and things. then we waited in line for test track for 90min then they told us it was going to be another 2 hours!!! then a lady puked like right next to me…AGAIN! so we left the line. then got fast passes for mission space. we walked around the countries then i almost passed out, so i sat in germany for a while haha. then i went on mission space! WOW FAVORITE RIDE EVER!! my mom sat this one out. then i ate in england with my mom (my dad ate in germany) then we walked around for a while and got a place for the fireworks…reflections on earth or something?? i didnt like it much so we left then as soon as we got on the bus it started pouring rain and thundering. so we got back to pop century and we were in the farthest 50’s building so my parents and i were running between buildings. we got to laughing so hard because we were SOAKED!! but it was such a beautiful florida storm!

okay more to come!! friday-universal saturday-day off- sunday- magic kingdom again monday-awful flight home!!

hope you enjoy!!


OMG!!! We were there on the same day! This is a section of my report from that day:

…So we head back to the MK parking, only to be stopped because the lot is FULL. I should have known right then. SCARY!!! Sooooo many people, but not quite at capacity. We manage to ride POTC because of the parade, but anything else is hopeless. I get an FP for Peter Pan at 4:30. My return time was 9:30!!!People were pouring in, it was unbelievable. The park was open until midnight, with EMH 'til 3AM (those poor CMs)…

Wasn’t it unbelievably crowded??? :noo: :eek: I’m so jealous that you were able to go back to a nice cool hotel, though.


wow great TR! Sorry about the crowds and the puking people… not pretty. Sounds like you still had a good time though! Can’t wait for the rest! :slight_smile:


Great TR AND GREAT CAST!!! i hear ya on the whole missing disney thing…glad you had a good time!


i am glad i wasnt standing next to you in any lines because it sounds like i probaly would have thrown up! Great TR…minus the vomitting…


Great trip report. Keep it coming. :smile: Sorry to hear it was so crowded though, but it sounds like you mad ethe best of it.


ok now a little more…

friday! it was supposed to be crummy out this day so when we woke up to sunny skies we decided not to waste it…we had a spurr of the moment trip to universal studios. i havent been there since islands of adventure got added…but we didnt want to be exhausted so we just did basic universal. i had SO much fun! my dad and i rode the mummy…which was like one of the best rides ever! anyone who hasnt been on it…i command you to go! :wink: even though its not disney it was fun! then we went on jaws…which is a silly ride but i love it…i got more wet the last time though…maybe because i was like 7 the last time oh well. we watched the blues brothers because thats what my parents are like in love with! it was entertaining. we did ET (almost lost my flip flop on that ride! haha i love it when he says your name…made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. then we did back to the future and of course when im in line…drumroll…someone puked next to me haha! (that was the final puking of the trip!) i hated that ride it made me hit my head so many times because the bar was like a foot away from my lap…because im 5 feet and small for a 17 year old. i forget what else we did but we ate at the deli htat also has the cheesecake factory. mmmm soooo good! oh yea! we saw Shrek 4-D i loveedddd it! so cute! then that was it…we went back to the hotel and sat by the pool for a bit, then just ate dinner at the hotel! fun day!

saturday-our day off! we woke up early so i could get my hair braided at a flea market, yea definately a rip off the girl kept changing her prices so i left. then we sat by the pool and then went to old town at night, then quickly left. its different then it used to be. we went to the disney boardwalk and i was a little disappointed :sad: im a jersey girl and it didnt really seem like a boardwalk…but it was pretty!! i forget what we did after but it wasnt too eventful.

1 more day at magic kingdom and the awful plane ride home! hope you enjoy! :mickey:


I wanna hear about this plane trip. I HATE planes.:fork_off:


That’s really the worst part about a Disney vacation… the leaving! :sad:
Great trip report though! Sorry to hear about the loooonnngggg wait for Test Track! It really is a great ride! I’m looking forward to going on Mission Space! Is it as good/great as they all say it is?! You called it your “favorite ride ever!”
and now i can’t wait to check it out! :ohmy: