First Haircut


Can anyone give me information about getting a first haircut at Disney World? During our trip it will be perfect timing for my nephews first hair cut. I was wondering about cost and souvenirs. Thanks!


We did the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street. But we did the hair color/Mickeyfetti. It cost us about $30-+ tip for 5 people to get that done.

I dunno if the prices are the same, but we went in the AM and waited all of 5 mins before they started taking care of us.

Harmony Barber Shop – Magic Kingdom

Eric picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

Here’s to hoping my links work. :happy:


Do you have any pics of the hair color/confetti? This may be something we want to do for my 4 year old nephew so he doesn’t feel left out while his brother is getting his first hair cut.


The first haircut is $14.00 (plus tip)/ They will save his hair for you and give you a certificate. The child will get his own set of Mickey Ears with First Haircut monogrammed on the back. It’s really cute!!


First Haircut pictures, I had ones of the colored gel and confetti, but I think I lost them when my computer crashed. They usually will just spike up boys hair with the color of their choice, maybe make a Mickey head on the side of their head with the colored gel, and lots of confetti. I think they charge $7 plus tip for that now.


P.S. They cover the little kids in stickers so they will be entertained during their haircut.


I really want to hold out until we go in January for my son’s first haircut (he’s almost 14 months) just for the added attention they give him!! The poor kid is going to look like a little girl before we get there!! LOL


This is dh…
back of head:
Eric picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

Eric picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

dd#2 age 3 1/2 at time of pic:
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they didn’t put as much in her hair since they didn’t want her to spread it around. It was 100* and late July when we went and it really didn’t ‘dry’ since she sweat so much, we had it done in the am

front w/ face paint:
Jules picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

ds back of head, once again not that much since it was very hot. the barber said if it was cooler or we had went in someplace cool for an hour it might set better, but it wasn’t a nasty mess:
Picture2839.jpg picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

oldest dd w/ face paint/hair dye:
Jade’s face paint picture by 5Demons - Photobucket

These are all I have atm, my dh is redoing our family site.

I’m doing this again in March when we go since the kids had SO much fun w/ it. They had quite a few colors to choose from. We went there 1st and it lasted pretty much all day and washed out with a good scrubbing that night. The paint on dh and ds tinted their scalps a tad, not bad and it was gone by the next shower actually. But that was only 1 shampoo and dh didn’t ask for help to make sure it was gone. :rolleyes: I have pics of them from later in the day but they aren’t loaded on this comp or my Photobucket.

I think your nephew will LOVE it. Have fun!


I am in love with this idea and think I am going to plan my vacation around my boys’ first haircuts. lol. .


If you don’t want to wait, you must go straight there once the park opens.


They also close earlier than you’d think. So the AM is the best time imo. We tried 1 day and it was too late, so we went back the next AM and got pretty much right in.