First Look - Art of Animation Resort Rooms


Here’s a peek at what the Imagineers are working on for the interiors of the new family suites at the Art of Animation resort.

Preview of new Disney Art of Animation Resort


I know my nephew will love the cars suite. Thanks for the link!


Oh boy, I think these suites and the resort look wonderful.


Ohhh those look so awesome! My dad would love the Lion King suite!


That’s great. I know DW will love the Nemo rooms. Thanks for the post.


absolutely awesome!


Interesting! These are on the value level right? I wonder if you can pick the section you want to be in?


Thanks for the link, we are possibly going to try and get there in 2013 if things go well… thanks again.


Very cool! I like the Lion king rooms.


Wow I like how well they are doing the suites.


Wow they look so cool. Any news on when they open ?


My DS is going to love the theme rooms like Cars and Lion King… I think it will be awesome when it opens!!


Thanks for the link. My plan was to try and stay there when they open. I like the sketches for the grounds decor but not so much for the rooms. DH happened to be looking over my shoulder when I looked at the designs for the rooms and he didn’t like them either so I guess we won’t stay there. But I would love to take a tour when they open to see the grounds with a larger than life King Triton:heart:


That is soo cool! I LOVE drawing and all those things, so I would REALLY like to stay there!:happy::laugh::wub:


I cannot wait till this place opens! The Cars suites look GREAT!!! ill be there right when it opens… hopefully


Welcome to MB! Are you a Temple student/grad ec?


Its nice, but looks like it will be along the same lines as one of the Value Resorts. Am I correct? The kids will love it! :mickey:


Thats a no then!!!:blink::blow:


Thanks for sharing the links. They looks really cool, I think families will love them. I look forward to touring the resorts when they open.


What a great option!!! Thanks for the link:)