First look at Disney's Rapunzel


I knew it! In June when we toured around the animation studios, I kept seeing posters for this!! :happy:

“I can’t wait for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, coming out later this year, but I am even more excited for Disney’s Rapunzel. Rapunzel will be CG-animated and available in 3-D, but with the look of traditional hand-drawn animation. The movie is schedule to hit theaters in time for the holidays 2010. Here is some of the latest concept art released for Rapunzel.”—Blair Wilson, Disney Channel Examiner LINK FOR PICTURES OF CELLS


Cool, thanks for the link Jen. :slight_smile:


Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Disney has learned some valuable lessons… stick with the classics and only make a movie when you have a story worth making. Hopefully these new classics will be worth the wait.


wow, I love the colors!

I’m glad to see that Disney is making a move back towards the traditional art. Both Rapunzel and Princess & the Frog have me really excited. :happy:


YAY! I know 2 little DDs that will be so excited. They already can’t wait to see The Princess and the Frog…I don’t know what they will do when they find out they have to wait until Dec 2010 for Rapunzel.

And now maybe the whole redo of Fantasy Land hooks in to this…gotta have new attractions for the new girls in town.


This looks cool!! Excited!!


Can’t wait to see this, looks like the same animator of Enchanted