First look: Tim Burton's 'Wonderland'




Wander around ‘Wonderland’ -


I was just about to post this. I can’t wait!


Tim Burton’s movies are WEIRD. They’re good, but nonetheless WEIRD.


We’re always on the same page aren’t we! :wink:


I kinda wish Depp would quit ruining movies for me. :frowning:

Looks good though.


[QUOTE=Kippage;970515]I kinda wish Depp would quit ruining movies for me. :frowning:

Looks good though.[/QUOTE]

I am shocked, little miss. I’ve been a JD fan since 21 Jump Street. I think that show predates you. Ok, may not predates, but you were young - er.


Wow, that looks fantastic. I cannot wait. Glad it comes out in March - I will be able to see it in the threater :biggrin:


The Tweedles…give me the heebs!:eek:


ooo thanks for the pix!! The only characters I had seen pix of was the Hatter and Alice. The Hatter creeps me out quite a bit. :huh: I love how they did the Red Queen! Anne Hathaway is beautiful as the White Queen, but she looks so normal compared to the Hatter and the Red Queen! :laugh:


Hmm Interesting… I love Tim Burton… He’s Just a GENIOUS!


I totally agree!


YES!! :biggrin:


I love 21 jump street…one of my fav t-shirts I have is the logo.



I can’t wait!! These pictures gave me goosebumps! :wub:


Not sure. Love the Alice in Wonderland story. Burton can be great and he can be weird (usually both) but I don’t always like the result. I’ll have to think about this one…


omg yes i have to agree with you, i just got the chills just from looking at that link, lol


He is an awesome actor. I can see why almost everyone likes him. He is a true artist. I believe even people that say they don’t like him, secretly do.


I believe that too! I don’t think there is any way someone can truly not respect his acting skills. Every role is unique; every character is another masterpiece. I’ve always felt that people who say they don’t like him are just saying that to be different. :laugh:


I cant wait for this movie to come out! It looks fabulous and just the kind of style I love and expect from Tim Burton. He and Disney are going to have another hit on their hands. I love the sets, the costuming, the cast selection and the story line, and I like how they are also using the story line from the original Alice Stories as well as the story line of the well-known Alice in Wonderland plot. As of now, Helena Bonham Carter -role of the Queen of Hearts- seems to be my favorite in this film just by her costuming alone (she is also a favorite Actress of mine) but I think all of the cast were well picked and will do wonderfully, cant wait!


I agree completely!